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Uh-Oh Mental Health

Uh-Oh Mental Health

By Lokareddy Prishitha Reddy

Uh-Oh  Health

Uh-oh Mental health —  

Every face seems to be a betrayal

Trying to quench its firsts;

Every breath I take daily 

Is heavy;

Feels like I have lost myself

Pandemic had made my health 

Much worse;

Was in depression and getting out of that

Was like coming out of prison.

Uh-oh Mental Health —

I couldn’t say to anyone 

Cause I don’t want to hurt them;

One fine day I begin writing poetry

That’s when  I started to feel alive;

That’s when I begin to feel better;

And things begin to change around me;

It was bliss.

Uh-oh Mental Health —

Sometimes the world around us seems to be different

Things that once now seemed out of range;

But we can recapture our life and fulfill

The dreams that were lost when we are ill.

The journey to wellness takes time and maybe prolonged

And those that get well are exceptionally strong.

 Depression and anxiety  can kill, but what matters is 

How we overcome them.

Uh-Oh Mental health—

Mental illness may be deprived

But when we find ways to heal or 

Do or see the things that make

 us happy;

One can come back to normal.

Go for a walk and take some air:

Value and appreciate yourself

And surround yourself with good people.

Uh-oh Mental health —-

Days are bad 

Not we;

Just give yourself some space 

To heal and try to stay positive.


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