Lethal Liberty

An overwhelming urge to run,
To break the door and crash,
Escape into the darkest night,
To embrace the invisible.
An inexplicable yearning,
Looking for the catastrophe,
Inviting the inevitable,
Accepting defeat in victory.
A desire to find the unknown,
And to join it in its anonymity,
Burning the insides to ash,
As the outsides crack open.

Familiar spaces stare back,
Without recognition in them,
Appalled at the vision presented,
Of a once flourishing form,
Now horribly misshapen,
From the force of life leaving.
The breathing dead walks,
Half running in its desperation,
To be united with the living,
And escape its destiny.

The fiery passion is thirsty,
But no longer burns inside,
As it plunges forward,
With menace in its step.
The impossible’s happened,
And freedom has been found,
Never to be sacrificed again,
And protected at all costs.
It sets fire wherever it goes,
Threatening to burn the world,
That robbed it of itself,
And of its inescapable truth.

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