English Drama ‘KINNER MAA’


When I see the Kinners on the road, clapping awkwardly, I could not ignore them. I thought
about how they show that they are very happy but inwardly they have an inner vacuity of life. I
tried my best to speculate the inner feelings and sentiments of them. They are teased and
abused on the way still they laugh but I realized how they are tortured inwardly. Then I thought
of writing something about their life. The life of such persons is not a boon. In this book I want
to voice against unsympathetic behavior of the people towards them. Why don’t we feel that
they are like us. We should pay respect and honor to them. Lalli, the heroine of the drama is a
kinner who lives in the house of Mr Jatin Prasad as the Mausi of his children Aniket and Samik.
She looks after them as a mother does. Everything was going on is smoothly till then it was not
discovered that Lalli is a kinner. All her good qualities were shattered in a minute. The society
even Aniket and Samiksha did not ready to accept her. Why? Because she is a kinner. All
such a negative outlook is focused in the drama. So that society may change their opinion and
give them place among the human beings ed-nederland.com/.

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