Serene Selene

By    Jumismita Das

She endures alone in the benign sky

As the stars retain high.

Under the veil of the fluttering clouds,

She plays hide and seek all around.

She smiles with the crescent shape;

While she’s half, we miss her rests;

She’s round with a silver sphere;

Sometimes surprises us and dissappeares.

She burns herself with golden sunlight

To illuminate us in the night.

The eclipse endevoures to make her fall, report completo

But her strength makes her rise above all!

They praise her beauty but laugh on her scars;

Yet, they gaze at her and stare!

We adore her purity with her ceaseless motion,

Twenty seven days is what she seeks for her Rotation.

Oh thou moon!

How can one call you sombre or a loon,

You’re convival and an astonishing boon.

May you always stand out in the silhoutte, 

For you, allow me to play a pleasant tune!


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