Dancing angst


It bubbles down your throat, 

your blood, boiling. 

Your hands, shaking. 

It prickles your eyes. 

You are lost in your epiphany. 

You can’t breathe. 

You are under the sand 

it creeps into your nose 

blanketing your lungs 

encasing you in sleep. 

Carrying you deep under heaps of sand. 

You see you.

When you wake up, 

you’ve lost your eyes.

You search around for them,

for the light 

to scare away the darkness.

The light never comes.

But you see a beam. 

Far, far away 

like a star in its mother’s womb.

You gather all your fears 

in your hands 

and tie it in your wrists. 

You run towards the beam 

and the moment you touch it, 

you become the star. 

                        – Louisa Lane 

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