Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Shielding us, protecting us, nurturing us,

Mother nature with its bounties is never in a rush.

We, in our madness, are generating concrete orders,

The present generation being ignorant of the need to delve into greener borders.

When will we adhere to our responsibilities?

To value nature along with all its utilities.

Plastics and intoxicants filling land and air alike,

In the future, in our ignorance, we will have put earth on a spike.

Tired, we all are now, of breathing polluted air

Glaciers around the world fear the global warming scare.

Plastic polymers threatening marine spaces

Mono-oxides suffocating the present and future races.

Plant a sapling today and witness a change

The goodness of greenery has a wider range.

Curtail the use of plastic bottles and bags

And adopt the 4Rs to save children from picking rags

Greener we need to get instead of grey

We need to cherish nature, else we’ll have to pay

Safeguarding the environ in and around

Will keep the health of the blue planet safe and sound.

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