The Lilies

By  -Dew Dinkita

Dull and gloomy days

Passing in distress;

Her soul longs for freedom

But mind oppress.

Dark clouds surround the blue sky

The wind just perfectly blows;

Trees, dancing in the rhythm,

Oh, what beauty it shows!

Such days depict her life

Somewhere that’s what her dark soul extols;

In the lap of nature

Her heart wants a stroll.

The street is deserted

Where the lone traveller is she,

A bunch of lilies in a muddy pond

Is what she could see.

Her heart speaks up

“Look, where these lilies are bound!

Such a pure flower

With slush and slush all around.

Sweet is the smell

Soft are the petals;

Days and days pass by

With each passing day the lilies prove their mettle.”

A pleasant ray of sunshine,

Plants a kiss on her cheeks;

Her dark soul was lost

She’s no longer a meek.

Did the lilies show their magic

Or is it their spell?

It creates an impetus

And she’s out of her stressed shell.

It’s time for her to be back in her life

Not knowing when she would get their glance again!

Helping them purge, the mud and pond scum

Is something she wished to do and she couldn’t abstain.

The water looks fresh,

Over which the lilies could now gracefully reign!

Oh! How creative can mother nature be

These lilies made her lost passion regain.

The lilies had a fresh start,

So did she restart a new phase;

Just as how these lilies seek for sunlight,

She’s stepping ahead for beautiful days!


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