Memories of Another Day

Memories of Another Day

By Gunika Virlley

Nothing will ever be the same again..

will it?

Gone are those leisurely trips to the markets 

where you could walk aimlessly

looking at mundane earrings and matching necklaces

sipping cold coffee. .just breathing in the cacophony of it all

the hawkers rubbing shoulders with you,

pestering, to buy some faux leather belts with jazzy buckles,

women diving into a heap of multicolored kurtas, one size fits all!

Prams with howling kids, little kids, big kids,

men with oversized backpacks, following oversized women,

all crammed into by lanes haggling for stuff

Colourful cushions hanging from one end of the rope

Beanbag stuffing from the other

Can you ever now walk through a cloud of bubbles

blowing through the pink bubble stick

through that crowded market maze? 

Can you ever feel that slight cool tingle when it touches your face as it bursts?

Can you, now, ever open your mouth wide so bravely, to swallow that fire paan ?

Or to just stick out your tongue 

to lick that softy ice cream 

dribbling down the waffle cone

on a warm summer evening?

Can you ever sit around your loved ones

laughing with abandon

taking bites from their plates

taking a sip of their drink?

Acts of love are now 

staying away from each other

Acts of kindness are not holding hands

Acts of bravery are now hiding your face

behind masks

All of a sudden, a new world has emerged

An alien one…. a lonely one….. a world like no other…

But yet the beauty of nature remains…

Constant and full of hope

As a new dawn breaks to bring in the light

Swallowing the darkness of yesterday

It’s message clear…

I can do without you…

But can you?

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