Book Review - Fahrenheit 451 a novel by Ray Bradbury

Book Review – Fahrenheit 451 a Novel by Ray Bradbury.

Bibliophiles have a unique curiosity for books that have been banned from the world, and so do we!  Books that are banned show the bitter truth of the world we live in. The power of words can never be hidden and it always wins.  Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is one such book which was kept away from schools and colleges and was taken away from the world. 

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel which was published in 1953. The irony lies in the situation that the story discusses Guy Montag who went from a book-burning fireman to a book-reading rebel. Little did we know that the story had the potential to turn fiction into reality. 

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The book depicts a futuristic society where free thought is suppressed. And how Gur Montag’s encounter with a seventeen-year-old girl, Clarisse McClellan, was his wake-up call. 

Tired of his life, Gur Montag turns from a biblioclast to a biblioklept. He was tired of his mundane life and was willing to go against the schemes of the Government. 

Fahrenheit 451 discusses the struggle between a society that values ignorance and conformity and a man’s quest for knowledge and individuality.

The book has faced multiple censorship and banning attempts, mostly because of vulgarity and discussion on drugs, but primarily because the book stands as a negative depiction of the future. But then, there is no better way to gain the attention of the wide community of readers, than by out-casting Literature. 

Fahrenheit 451 gained a huge audience and is still breaking records. It is a book which is recommended by everyone who has ever been a fan of portraying reality through words.

Fahrenheit 451 is sure to leave a reader perplexed with the question that “What would happen if this will be our world ?” 

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The protagonist of the story is dangling between his two trains of thought, where he wonders if he will be saved for rebelling against the very system that he was an integral part of. 

Ray Bradbury has shown a dystopian and television-focused future, which makes his motives to write this book visionary. The book was re-published as a cleaner version, with fewer abusive words, but still remained banned from the school syllabus. Fahrenheit 451 is regarded as Ray Bradbury’s best work. 

The novel succeeds in creating a visionary and thought-provoking element in the reader. It asks the very questions that no one does – 

“What happens when free speech is not allowed. ?” 
“What happens when people are trained to see things according to a carefully planned agenda ?”

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The author also points out how our world might not be far from turning into this dystopian nightmare. 

As intriguing as the book is and sounds, the writing style of the author might tip off a few readers. The book is written in a very abstract manner, which goes with the themes that it is trying to portray, but due to being too abstract, the narrative loses meaning in between, and the readers need to look back from time to time.

Some actions have been over-exaggerated in the book, which might seem tedious for some readers. 

The book is suitable for the age group of 15 and above. If the narration technique is kept aside, Fahrenheit 451 becomes an accessible and easy read, when the reader acclimates to the mess and chaos of a dystopian world, that Ray Bradbury has tried to show. 

Fahrenheit 451 should come with a trigger warning, as suicide and oppression are prevalent in the narrative. This novel is a cumbersome read and should only be picked up in a healthy state of mind.

Impending destruction and ultimate doom are not lightweight topics, therefore it is recommended for the readers to go slowly with the reading of this book.

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If you are on the lookout for a cult classic which has had a bumpy journey itself, then Ray Bradbury’s novel should be on the top of your list. This novel teaches us about the importance of books and celebrates reading, literature and the power of the written word. As Bibliophiles, we sure will be rooting against the indoctrination of humanity. 

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