Book Review Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

Book Review: Think Like a Monk a Book by Jay Shetty.

If you are someone who feels exhausted because of consuming digital content on a daily basis and is looking for beginning a spiritual journey then Jay Shetty’s ‘Think like a Monk’ will inspire you to take a step forward.

Jay Shetty is a British-Indian author, a former Hindu monk, a life coach and now a popular social media personality. He also hosts a podcast named ‘On Purpose’. He began his personal journey as a monk, and after his graduation, he left and trained as a monk for three years in India.

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He was advised by one of his gurus to spread the knowledge that he has gained and help people in their healing journeys. This is when he returned to London and started working as a Life Coach. 

So if you do not want to get stuck in the theories of unreliable records of untrained self-help authors, then Jay Shetty’s narrative in this book is presented to the reader first-hand from the very experiences and learning of a Monk.

‘Think Like a Monk’ does not focus on professional journeys and how to achieve them, instead, it focuses on you and your personal journey. If you have been following Jay Shetty on various social media platforms, then you are aware of the calm aura that he vibrates and the clarity with which he represents himself. This is the same energy this book holds. 

This book will teach you to think and act like a monk with an open mind rather than an individual with blocked energy and restricted thought. ‘Think like a Monk’ does not promise an overnight miracle or change, but it does offer a sense of clarity and refreshment to the mind. 

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The book is divided into three sections – Let Go ( Identity, Negativity, Fear and Intention), Grow ( Purpose, Routine, the Mind and Ego) and Give ( Gratitude, Relationship and Service). Therefore the author has divided your journey into simple steps to follow and understand. Although self-help material caters to all readers, ‘Think like a Monk’ contains content that may be useful and informative for a beginner reader.

It is written in an easy-to-understand language, yet it holds little in-depth research into certain topics of spirituality. As you begin reading, you will eventually gain a flow and will be acquainted with new topics which will be easy to understand, since the author has charted out a map, for the readers’ easy journey.

The chapters are formulated in such a way that a new concept is introduced and explained and then linked to the next. This way the reader can handle and also enjoy his or her journey of spirituality.

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Jay Shetty has explained the difference between a “Monk mind” and a “Monkey mind” which differentiate from each other based on the practices and thoughts of human beings. Not only this, but the author has also made an effort to introduce us to the Hindu concepts of spirituality and has shared his rich knowledge. The reader will come across an index of terms written in Sanskrit and often used in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. 

‘Think like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty has a rating of 4.2 on Goodreads. The book is written in a very generous and humble manner and does not come across as preaching, but rather a friendly tour into the spiritual world. For the readers’ interest in the topic, the author has provided practical tools which can be implemented along with illustrations and diagrams which help in theorising any concept easily.

Since the book introduces the reader to many new ideas, it may take even an avid reader, a sufficient amount of time to read, learn and implement the ideas in the book. 

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So for a beginner, it is advised to grow slowly with this book, especially if you are not acquainted with the Sanskrit terms and ideologies, presented in the book. A reader can see this book as a life-long companion who will accompany you on a journey to find positivity and spiritual growth.

Jay Shetty has dedicated 18 pages to notes and references, which will act as a guide to the reader. It also shows how Jay Shetty has provided us with an immaculate record of a spiritual endeavour. What makes this book even more worthy of your time is that apart from catering to all demographics it is also written while keeping in mind the modern era that we live in.

It focuses on the individual of the 21st century who is filled with day-to-day anxieties, stress and clutter, and the book provides a recipe for their soul. The personal anecdotes in the novel will inspire the reader to gain wisdom from a former monk.

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Like it is advised to you on your bad days to “Take it one day at a time”, it is advised to the readers to take this book “one chapter at a time”, to be able to truly relish the rich experience of spirituality.

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