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Book Review Think and Grow Rich a Book by Napoleon Hill

Book Review: Think and Grow Rich a Book by Napoleon Hill

If you are a student, a small business owner, an adult entering their twenties or even a professional in the job market, one thing we all fumble upon in our lives, no matter our age group, demographic or profession, is how to deal with finances. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a book which keeps in mind these issues as to why some people were healthy and wealthy while others struggled to make ends meet.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was published in 1937. The author was working as a special investigator for a business magazine and was asked to interview Andrew Carnegie. In the interview, Carnegie dropped subtle hints as to how he has mastered some law or power of the human mind, which at that time wasn’t a very known psychological principle of study.

He told Napoleon Hill that he has the power and control over all personal success, be that money, fame or influence. This particular portion of the interview was never printed but it did intrigue the author so much so that he devoted 20 years of his life to researching this particular philosophy.

He went on to interview and study over 500 millionaires in a span of 20 years, where he tried to understand the philosophy of Andrew Carnegie and whether the same philosophy, power, law, or magic, was embedded in every successful person. He wanted to break open the philosophy into a set of rules which successful and rich people followed in their journey to becoming wealthy.

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Think and Grow Rich is a book divided into 13 chapters, excluding the general introduction and conclusion. Each chapter begins with a query and ends with a set of rules and beliefs to achieve financial success.

Although the book focuses on a substantial subject such as finance, it makes the reader dwell into their minds, subconsciousness, faith, imagination, etc, all of which are intangible, still worldly factors that people give primary importance to while achieving success. This way the author published his book with proof, that the desire to be somewhere or someone is equivalent to the aspirational reality.

Think and Grow Rich has a rating of 4.2 on Goodreads. It has been termed the “Ultimate Guide to Success”. From Visualization to Manifestation to being absolutely crystal clear about the number of sacrifices that are required on this journey, Napoleon Hill has provided readers with a guidebook which is beneficial to all age groups and genders.

New readers may find this book to be a little old-fashioned since it was written during the era of the depression. Since then our world has monetized a lot and our finances and the different ways to deal with finances have variably changed. Despite being old in its narrative style as compared to the other self-help books in the market, this book maintains its relevance in terms of finances of growing times.

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If you are a reader of fast-paced books, where things happen or fall through very quickly, then you might find this book or rather the first few chapters of this book, to be slow-paced. We would recommend you not get demotivated or bored at that point, since the author picks up his narrative in the upcoming chapters, and makes it worthwhile your curiosity.

Think and Grow Rich is a perfect “Winter read” when the year is about to end and we are looking towards a new beginning. We have goals and aspirations, such as trying new things, travelling more often, taking care of our health, joining the gym, etc, most of which, if not all, come with the burden of saving your pocket money or your salary.

Whatever it might be, finances and dealing with them in the right way is the key to success, especially in the 21st century. So don’t feel let down about the ageing of the book, since the author had provided us with immortal laws which can help us, no matter the era.

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If you are looking to motivate yourself by learning from other people’s success stories, then it is best to sit down and have a thorough reading of this book, before you write down your New Year goals and resolutions and then begin your journey with a fresh perspective while keeping in mind that our mind alone has the power to make us rich and successful.

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