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Author Sankhadeep Dutta Mondal Talks About His Book ‘Mastering your Mindset’

  1. You are a motivational speaker, educator and have also been trained in Music, so what made you venture into writing?

I have always been driven by the principle of creating value for others. For me it has always been what value I can create for others that will help them to better their lives. And I think everything that I have done so far whether it’s entrepreneurship or writing books it has always been predicated upon the fundamental idea of value creation. Apart from that I have always been a voracious reader so writing came naturally to me.

  1. How was the journey of writing your debut book “Mastering your Mindset”?

The journey was just amazing. Writing the book required me to dive deep into the various aspects around personality development to figure out the fundamental qualities and traits that make a person greatly successful. I read a lot of books, I interacted and interviewed a lot of people who ‘made it’ and as I did that research I found where you come from or how much education you have don’t matter as much as the drive to succeed or the ability to never give up or to set big goals. And so that’s what I did.

  1. How did it feel when your book got published? 

Well, the thrill of getting to see your name in print is really special. It is a unique experience. And so when my book ‘Mastering Your Mindset’ got published it made me really joyous and happy. To be able to see the book, to see my name on it and most importantly to know that the book could potentially change someone’s life for the better gave me a feeling of great happiness. Then subsequently when the book got featured in the World Book Fair, New Delhi, 2021, I was filled with joy and gratitude. 

  1. In your book, you describe about achieving one’s peak potential, what according you is your peak potential?

 I think all of us have great potential within us but mostly we don’t use it because we remain unconscious of it. To become aware of what our true potential is, we have to constantly challenge ourselves. In my opinion the road to your peak potential is always a journey and never a destination. And when you undertake that journey you can achieve great things. 

  1. There are many books in the market that talk about mastering the mind, how does your book stand out amongst them?

I told you as a reader and during my research as an author I have read a lot of them myself and found many of them to be very helpful. Precisely because I read so widely I was able to figure out what was helpful and what was not. Then when I applied those principles in my life it made me successful in my different undertakings. I have used contemporary examples in the book to substantiate the points I was making because I thought young readers would be very easily able to relate to those examples. 

  1. Have you tried any of the methods you have mentioned in the book, on a personal level which method has worked for you best?

I practise positive self-talk a lot because I genuinely believe that it’s not what other people say about you but it’s what you say about yourself that matters. Another very important thing is challenging your fears. I would say all the methods that I describe in the book are equally important and you get the greatest result when you follow them all together and not just one single method.

  1. What do you think is the importance of thoughts on a person’s personality development?

How we think determines how we act and how we act will ultimately determine what kind of results we will get. When it comes to personality development, how we think is absolutely the key. As I say in my book you can change your entire life for the better just by changing the way you think.  Personal development is of great importance and  that is why we founded our recent start-up  ‘ The Learning Curve” to help people on their journey of personal development.” 

  1. What kind of response are you expecting from the readers?

So far I have received a favourable response from the readers and I do believe going forward it will continue to receive favourable responses from the readers.

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