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Unique Thinking

What’s Unique about Srilekha and her book Unique Thinking- Leading and Managing by Thoughts

An exclusive on the life story of Srilekha Kaluvakunta, the author of Unique Thinking- Thinking and Managing by Thoughts

Thought Process is the first ever defined thought management lifecycle in the genre of thoughts and mind

“Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, if you change your thinking you can change your life,” says author Ms. Srilekha Kaluvakunta in her recent book titled ‘Unique Thinking’. Talking about her life story, Srilekha used to be a topper in her school and college. Like any other normal family, her family’s only expectation about her was to study well and get a job in a multinational company.

Most of her upbringing was with her grandparents during her childhood. Her grandfather was her role model and inspiring person in the family. He used to work as a Director in govt. sector (a first class gazetted officer) and later on joined one of the south India’s most famous newspaper and media companies. He held a very senior position oriented towards politics and news and legal affairs

In 2007, Srilekha joined TCS as a software engineer trainee after completing her graduation in Bachelor of Technology (IT). She worked for some of India’s most reputed software companies like TCS and Infosys. The leadership team of these companies is incredible. She feels privileged for working with some of the senior leadership and C-level teams in her professional tenure.

She says there’s a lot to learn from social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook. Chairman of Tata group Ratan Tata, Founders of Infosys Sudha Murthy, CEO of Infosys Vishal Sikka, Salil Parekh, Chairman of Linkedin Jeff Weiner, CEOs of Linkedin and Facebook, among many other leaders, have always been the leaders who inspire her in the software industry.

Ms. Srilekha Kaluvakunta’s book, ‘Unique Thinking’ talks about ‘Thought Process and Thought Life Cycle Management’. It Illustrates how thoughts traverse through different stages of the process, starting from the creation of thought until thought lapse. She also mentions about the concept of ‘Life Cycle Phases of a Thought’ which are:

  1. Thought Occurrence
  2.  Thought Sustenance
  3.  Thought Realization –
  4.  Thought Organization and Design
  5.  Thought Execution
  6.  Thought Outcome
  7.  Thought Reoccurrence
  8.  Thought Continuity
  9.  Thought Lapse

‘Unique Thinking’ also covers the concept of ‘Search Engine Mind, Oneness of Mind, Oneness of Universe, Universal library, Organised Thinking, Leading and Managing by thoughts, Thoughtfulness, and Thoughtlessness. It is different from other books because it is the first-ever book that is defined in the genre of thoughts and mind. This concept is not available in any of the existing books. This book is written in a conventional language which makes it simple and easy for the readers to understand.

Book- Unique Thinking

Ms. Srilekha Kaluvakunta started writing ‘Unique Thinking‘ several years ago but she thought of publishing it only 2 years back. The book was published for the first time in 2019 by ‘Prowess Publishing House’ and the revised edition in 2021 by ‘Bluerose Publishers’. She focuses more about dimensional analysis of thinking and this was always a subject of her expertise. She thinks beyond what people usually think and perceives and understands the concept of her thoughts. This made her further analyze and understand the subject in a deeper sense and come up with the concept of, ‘the life cycle of thought’.

When Ms. Srilekha saw her thoughts in the form of a book it felt like an achievement. As an author and writer, she says it feels good that people read and understand her concepts and implement in their lives. Ms. Srilekha Kaluvakunta’s second book is published which is titled, ‘Unique quotes on Leadership and Management. This book is a collection of more than 1000 quotations given by some of the world’s most inspiring people and the world’s best minds. She’s planning her next book about ‘Karmic Essence- Theory of Relationships’. The study and research is still going on for the making of this book

‘Thought Process, Thought Lifecycle, Dimensions of Thinking and Search Engine Mind’ are some of the concepts which she implements and executes in her own life. Writing is a passion for Ms. Srilekha, and reading is her favourite hobby. She defines herself basically as a people centric person

In a message to first time authors, she says “Becoming an author or being an author is a good thing and it’s one of the greatest achievements of life. It’s an opportunity to teach and coach readers and when a writer starts writing their first book, there will be a lot of expectation from the readers about their next book.” She believes that when we continue to write good stuff and publish good books everyone will benefit from the subject and content.You get recognized for your written work and they get recognized as readers and executors for your book.

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