Author Dr. Ram Sarup Sailani talks about his literary journey

“Buddhism is not just a religion or a philosophy, it is a way of life within the circumference of Nature” says senior Advocate Dr. Ram Sarup Sailani in his recent book titled Influence of Buddhism on Selected Works of World Literature. Dr. Sailani hails from Hazampur village in Haryana. He currently resides in district SAS Nagar, Punjab. He has had an illustrious career in the field of education and law, practicing his craft in the district courts since 1984 and thereafter in Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh since 1998. Now aged 73, Dr Sailani has begun exploring his passion for writing and has published a book, a goal he had set for himself in class 10th itself. 

Describing his book, he talks about Buddhism and the influence it has had on him. The book is a culmination of research work the author has carried out from 2014 to 2019. The principles of Buddhism and life of Gautam Buddha in particular have had a profound effect on his life which propelled him to find out more and more about how Buddhism has been perceived throughout the ages. Influence of Buddhism on Selected Works of World Literature illuminates the concept and purpose of Buddhism as a philosphy but also as a practical and authentic way of life. The book debunks the myth that Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy. According to Dr. Sailani, Buddhism is a philosophy that concerns with the idea of sufferings of living beings rather than God. He wishes to spread awareness about this concept and purpose of Buddhism being to enlighten oneself and lead a life of peace respecting the forces of nature. Dr. Sailani has done a lot of research in his quest to learn and understand the tenets of Buddhism and spread its message to others and this book is one of many mediums he wishes to do the same. 

Dr. Sailaini’s other works include ‘Bolte Shram Bindoo’ a work of poetry, ‘Benaqab’ a satire, ‘Bhagirathi’ an epic, ‘Khalis Hala’ a spiritual poetry work and this new book on Buddhism, he is also currently working on another book focusing on meditation and Buddha’s principles. Dr. Sailani wishes to continue this path of his, sharing knowledge and making people aware of true Buddhism. 

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