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Evoke the Emotions of Love Through Pankhuri Aggarwal’s The Petals of Reminiscence

  1. How do you think the idea of love has shifted in contemporary times

I don’t think the idea of love has changed in contemporary times. Love isn’t something you can force; love happens. It is something which can’t be strategized or regulated, much as life whether we take in the existing times or the centuries gone by. I think at the end of the day, what everyone wants is to be loved for who they are. In contemporary times we are just trapped somewhere between the romanticized idea of love and the modern outlook on relationships and it’s a fiddly space to define. For me, love means the same as it did hundred years ago and it will stay the same. 

  1. Do you think we need to go back in time to understand the value of true companionship? 

I don’t think we need to go back in time to understand the value of true companionship. We just need time to understand how to improve life and be more open in relationships. 

  1. Is there a reason for you to choose to write about love? 

I think for a writer, writing on any topic is an effortless gush of emotions straight out of the heart. For me love is a genuine sentiment which one experience all through life without any age boundary. There is no particular reason as to why I wrote about love, I connect with every word that I write; hence this emotion was just a tranquil effort nothing else. 

  1. What are the things you consider that will kill a relationship? 

I think judgment kills a relationship. Everyone cast around for their soulmates and in this undertaking, they are inclined to catch out the perfect other half without any flaws and forget they themselves are human beings with a lot of imperfections. I conjecture, the moment everyone releases this and before judging anyone, first gaze at themselves, various hindrances that people face in a relationship will culminate. 

  1. Has the pandemic changed your perspective about love and life? 

Pandemic has actually transformed my vistas towards life, earlier I was living in some kind of a vanity fair and had forgotten to live in the moment. Now, I’m trying to appreciate every minimal phase of my life. 

  1. Some individuals prefer being alone. Why do you think they do?

I believe there is a great metamorphosis between being alone and being solitary or secluded. A loner will always prefer being unaided, but they’ll never feel deserted. According to me, being in one’s own company is what makes such people feel most contented as this is when they are most in touch with themselves.  

  1. What are your thoughts on self-love?

Believing in oneself a little more is what is self-love to me. Until you aren’t stable intellectually, you can’t stand out physically. All the strength lies in one-self, hence believe in yourself and let the world follow you. Try appreciating yourself, inevitably the entire realm will start embracing you since you’re the one magnetizing glee to yourself. In simple terms, be yourself, an original is so much better than a replica; either you’ll end up being a masterpiece or work in progress. 

  1. What will be the messages that readers get from your book “The Petals of Reminiscence”? 

My book is a poetic voyage that has 101 poems, it takes one through all the shades of life from encapsulating love, companionship, bliss, triumph to anxiety, distress, heartache, death, loss, redemption. The words flocked in arouse the senses by embracing petite things that make life magical. It elucidates about finding the true purpose of living, what is life without love, what it means to be lonesome, why do we seek out for connections. Therefore, maybe one might end up discovering their life’s purpose. Through this book, one can explore love and all its precision with crunches of gloominess making it sugary and peppery off and on. Hence, for that, folks you need to grab this book and you will perceive yourself being connected with every single word that I have written. 

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