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    An exclusive with Sunil Soni, author of Website Banana Seekhiye

    An exclusive with Sunil Soni, author of Website Banana Seekhiye

    1. Could you please give our readers an introduction about yourself?

    My name is Sunil Soni. My main task is to provide training and guidance to the needy. I received computer education in the year 2006 for free at a free computer education centre which had started in our city. Since we were from a middle-class family, it was big for us to get an opportunity to learn computers for free. We were 14 years old when we received computer education and we used to teach at the same place we learned. It increased our knowledge and self-confidence a lot.  As a result, today we have got a special identity in the field of computers. We have also written and published 2 books this year. We also have an NGO and we give career guidance. Through this we continuously do social service. We are working on the post of Computer Operator in Government College, Aaron. We have a company called Amson Innovative Creation Private Limited to provide employment to unemployed youth and contribute in the field of innovation. At present, our company is doing business training, website building, digital marketing etc.Our only message is that it is good to keep doing work your mind is invested in, that only leads you to success.

     2. The information on how to make a website is available on the internet. what inspired you to write the book Website Banana Seekhiye?

    It is a very small thing that when we have more Gurus in front of us, then we go astray from the path, we start facing obstacles in doing work. In the same way, I also wanted to learn how to make a website, but when I tried to get information about it on the internet, thousands of gurus started teaching me how to make a website in their own way. Some videos were half and incomplete and just had information for their promotion. Our country’s leaders, social workers, students, teachers, businessmen, doctors, trainers, writers and many more people can create their own website and tell people about themselves. By learning to make a website through this book, some unemployed people can also start their own business.

    3.  What can readers look forward to in the book?

    The method of creating a website in this book is described from scratch. A person who has only e-mail and has basic computer knowledge can also make a website by reading this book. Those people who have just started or are about to start their business can make more profit by creating an e-commerce website and can sell their goods from their own website. Any material available on the internet is found on the website. In order to be famous on the internet, we should be able to create our own website.

    4. How did you feel when your book was released?

    Due to coronavirus pandemic, for the last two years, it has not been possible to release the book by organizing a large-scale program. However, when we thought that we would get our book released by the MLA of our area and former minister of Madhya Pradesh government, Shri Jaivardhan Singh ji, it felt very good. When we reached the MLA sir with our book, he was very happy and addressed the public during a program. During the program he said that the youth of our area has a lot of talent and he also mentioned my name Sunil. The MLA further said “It is very important for the youth of the area to take inspiration from them and give form to a good work in life.”

    5. What would you like to say to upcoming writers?

    My point to new writers is that do not keep what is in your mind, in your mind. Collect your thoughts and put them in the form of a book before the public. Don’t ever feel weak. I believe that everyone is a writer, everyone is an actor. Because of our society and family, some people keep their thoughts in their mind as to what people will say. A writer is one who writes and a good writer is one who writes daily. So, adopt the habit of writing every day. When one of your books is published and your name will become famous in the country, then the world will not let you stop.

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