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Feel Inspired and Break the Limits with Suresh Kumar Vishwakarma’s book Aadhi Chaya

Everyone looks above them for inspiration. Some look to God, some to celebrities, other to Gurus and Sages but Author Suresh Kumar Vishwakarma looked to the common man for inspiration. He wrote his book Aadhi Chaya inspired by the daily life incidents of the common man.  

The book talks about the common problems of a common man- mainly roti, kapda aur makaan (food, cloth and shelter) influenced by the political, social and economic scenario around him. The book also talks about the importance of woman in a man’s life. He states, “There is no existence possible without women.” He hopes that this piece of literature will serve as a source of inspiration and a guide to others. The core message of the book is to break the limits of orthodoxy and to move ahead.

Though the author felt extremely happy on seeing his book published, he is confident the readers will benefit more from it. He hopes the readers will have a better view of their political, social and economic scenario and how it affects them and everyone around them. 

In his own words, this book is a tribute to the half-shadow of a man. Aadhi Chaya literally means half shadow which can be created only when there is light. Through this book, the author wishes to pay respect to the half-shadow of a man without which man cannot go on in his life. To pay respect to her devotion and to provide and make readers understand her value in the society. 

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