The World Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon

The World Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon

By Hitarthi Wadhwa

you may feel like
the world is ending
and you are melting
like a candle does

all you can do is
put your best efforts
watch from a distance
and roll down a tear or two

from day till night
you hear ambulances passing by
while the loved ones cry
giving their shoulders
to each other

everything you once feared
may be occurring right now
you are losing all your trust
in god today
and ask him his real motive
behind all this hopeless plight

you feel choked everyday
and find multiple ways to breathe
but hardly any road
comes to your rescue
to give you all the relief

it’s unfair to the human kind
who want to complete
their last bit of conversations
and give the tightest hug
to their dear ones

but oh friend!
maybe I can’t console you
to my best
and bring back
what & whom
you need the most right now

but I can assure you that
there’s still some hope left
waiting for you
in a corner of the world

your life is special
you own every single second of it
your problems may be big right now
so give yourself some time to grief
cry as much as you wish to
because it won’t turn you weak

take one moment at a time
with all your happiness
sorrow & anger
shall pass some day
feel all of them
because it will
still make you a human

just like you
everyone is fighting
their own battles
so be kind to yourself first
and then to others
make this world a better place
because it isn’t ending anytime soon

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