The ground – Sunset Lavender

by Ann Ardra Antony

I’m the ground.

I bear all that is on top of me to keep them safe.

My parents eroded away one day.

Their parts scattered everywhere.

And now I’m all that’s left.

One day the storm came to visit the mountains.

The storm scares me.

“It pulls unsuspecting spectators into it,making them lost and eroding them away.” ,

My cousin once said

I wanted to run away 

But I remembered mother saying

“The trees will protect you.”

So I stayed put

But the trees swayed and swayed in the wind,

Falling at last and leaving me defenceless.

I forgot that moment the weight I bore

And the lives I protect

The storm raged harder 

I could no longer see anything

It seems I was lost

I broke under the pressure 

Giving way under me 

As that which I sought to protect

Died under my own body

At that exact moment i saw something

I felt sad and determined all at once

I gave away my fear willingly to the storm

And weathered through

Keeping that one part of me I wanted to keep safe at all cost

And After what seemed a gruelling eternity

The storm left 

A light pierced through the dark clouds

Touching me who was shivering from the cold and broken beyond repair

But broken somehow did not mean not whole

It meant something else entirely

I smiled, at the sun peeking out naughtily.

And back at the tiny sapling I had given my all to protect

She was leaning towards the sun now

With her little hands spread out

She was cowering no longer 

Afraid to come out

And looking at her struggle to reach the sun

My grin stretched wide 

Eroding the years of pain

And I realised —

The storm was not quite what I had imagined.

It was something else entirely.

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