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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Rhymes

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Rhymes

By Aadithyaa

I sit at home, writing my own rhymes

I know when you are out, you commit your own crimes

I understand these are changing times

Where you sleep with men, you really despise

You come back home, sit with a smile

I ask ‘how’s my love’, since it’s been a while

I don’t wish to submit the mistakes, so I let them pile

Because when I made these, you let it slide

But, how do we preach commitment to others?

Sleep in a bed, separated by the covers

I know this isn’t college, we aren’t still lovers

A marriage hanging by a thread, but it still hovers

Mistakes, jealousy, now part of my being

Lust and intimacy rolled into me

I strike out my sins, searching for the fiend

A stare into her red eyes, and I see it in front of me

I grab the dagger below the table, you gifted

I tried pulling but you held the other, for my actions lusted

I bled holding tight, the edge rusted

With my eyes wide shut, as you shot my filthy heart busted

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