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By N. Krishna Veni

I woke up in the morn 

To find only the dust of mist

On the veins of the green leaves

Bathed in the shower of foggy clouds. 

Enticing by the bewitching scent 

Of sweet Jasmine knitting together garland

Beautifully bloomed like the divine’s child

And the paragon of truly godsend. 

The earthly Paradise seems nonpareil 

With the diverse treasure of natural means.

I would fly through the paddy fields

On my way to school every day.

Rustling stream near the fields

Plays the rhythmic tempo of melodies.

The greenery land with tall bamboos

In the marshy shallow waters 

Of the alien ground besieged by 

The evergreen aqua reign to be extolled.

Two bullocks tied together firmly

On the slim barrel-shaped hunk of wood

To level the fertile land with the hope.

The flock of flying guests come a long way

For every vacation to meet their friends

In the sanctuary to enjoy with great relish.

The countryside becomes shrouded 

With the thick blanket of blissful fogginess

And started to drizzle in the ecstatic mood.

The blue-green feathered dancing in the rain

Such heavenly sight amidst the musings of green. 

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