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Alive Within Dead

By Atreyo Palit

Crunch of gravel under the lawyer’s shoes,

Hiss of pressurized air from the cycle shop,

Clink of the manhole cover under the tyres,

Honk of the horns from cars stuck in traffic,

Cricket commentary on the radio in the salon,

Hum of the old printer from the copy store,

Crinkling of foil being crumpled and dumped,

Hurried shuffling of crowds moving both ways,

Couple of loud ringtones turning heads around, 

Hoarse shouting from the vagabond hawkers,

Computer keys being clicked loudly in the cafe,

Hurried braking of the cars, screeching wheels.

The auditory signals from technology overwhelm,

Pollution and dust change the taste of the air,

Every fresh breath stinks of all things not fresh,

And the mind feels boxed in like the buildings.

Obscured from view by bricks, concrete and steel,

Another world resides within this metal cage,

Battling for its existence, against the bid to end it,

Tirelessly soothing all senses of its residents.

Pitter-patter of raindrops on the windshield,

Rushing of rapid wind through the open hair,

Petrichor embracing the exhausted nose,

Raindrops cool the skin stinging from pollution,

Parks easing the eyes with their green cover,

Riverside spots allowing the mind to meander,

Playing in fields feeling better than indoors,

Rustling of fallen leaves blowing in the wind, report completo

Purple skies at dusk make endings mesmerizing,

Rolling thunder is the strongest percussion,

Picturesque sightings of birds flocking together,

Regular seasons bring variation, but comfortably.

Even within the lifeless system of machinery, 

Where bones are steel and blood is fuel,

There’s the silent, subtle glimpse of a nature,

Struggling, but proudly living unapologetically

And in that world of sunsets and moonlight,

Of the chirping crickets, and the ribbiting frogs,

Of the deafening rain, and the blinding lightning,

The artistic consciousness tributes Mother Nature.

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