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Of The Heart And Soul - A Mellifluous Whisper

Of The Heart And Soul – A Mellifluous Whisper

Twilight, the threshold of a day to another one
As night creeps across the darkening vale,
The drooping flowers and buds waiting to be reborn
The trees across the field fades into shadowy skies as pale.

Name of the book: Of the Heart and Soul- A Mellifluous Whisper
Author: Piyali Mitra
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers
Release date: 7 April 2021


This anthology abounds in the feeling of love– Love has always been the source of inspiration for the countless poems and thoughtful scribbling made by lovers and admirers, but few poems are written analyzing the concept and how to feel to be in love. This book speaks of how love can be the source of inspiration at the same time the source of abjection. Rejection and dejection can push one to a corner while love can uplift and transcend a mind from one realm to another. This garland of verses as the author would love to call is also a memory book remembering the various emotions her mother has been subjected to. Some lines and verses of this book speak the loudest and most directly and others have reflection of vibrant imagery and artful characters. Some lines have divine intonation while others draw heavily from mundane life. The book has tried to capture the colors, aroma and essences of water, land, mountains, seasons and even leaves. Every object of Nature has their own language. This book has made an attempt to communicate that subtle language through verses. The book contains some illustrations.”


The thing about poetry is it tugs at the heart like no other genre. From the bygone eras of William Wordsworth till date, the lure of poetry has not diminished. Gone are the days when sewing a string of melodious words was considered the work of only those who studied the intricacies of the language, today, every heart, every hand and every pen is capable of pouring out words that resonate beyond the boundaries of language. This book by author Piyali Mitra is no exception. Written in the simplest of words, concentrating on aspects that seem obscure the lines create a warm fuzzy feeling within. How often do we stop to admire the Twilight, or pen down an ode to a little squirrel, or notice a fallen leaf The anthology grabs the attention owing to the myriad minute topics that the author has chosen to glorify through her poetry. My special favourite is the poem titled “Twilight” whispers. There are others that I liked, such as “A Call to her Soul”, “Girl Child” and “Spring of a Different Kind”. A few pf the poems have beautiful illustrations which work as icing on the cake to a readers soul. I believe this 40 odd page poetry book could have incorporated more as the phenomenal potential is clearly present.


LitGleam rating 4/5

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