Book Review - The Little Prince a Novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Book Review – The Little Princess a Novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Stories meant for children have more than once proved to be inspirational for all age groups. Adults can reap many benefits from children’s literature, as the stories ultimately teach children to look at the world of adulthood. But it is often reminded to us that adulthood should be enjoyed through a child’s lens and the mind. 
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is a novella which was published in 1943. The book is sold as a children’s novel but it is actually an adult fable which has over the years engaged all age groups.

The book has been translated into 301 languages and at one point, the novella sold 200 million copies worldwide and became a bestseller. 

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The Little Prince is a philosophical tale about a young boy who decided to leave his home and travel to other planets.

He saw various events unfold on every planet and also looked after a Rose. When his association with the Rose seemed aloof and cruel, he felt very lonely and decided to continue his journey to other planets. 

During his travels, The Little Prince, as he was called, came to terms with indifferent people who seemed greedy and callous and the little boy looked at their life as being monotonous and empty.

On his final descent to planet Earth, The Little Prince realises that human beings are the same everywhere until he comes face to face with a stranded pilot. He develops a friendship with a fox and a snake. 

During his stay on Earth, the boy sees a more positive side of humanity which makes him believe in the power of friendships and responsibilities.

His encounter with the pilot enlightens him about the fact that not all adults are materialistic, rather some of them still believe in miracles. 

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The reason this book is regarded as more suitable for teenagers or adults is due to the fact that children are often born with a little wisdom and mystique of life but it is adulthood that distances us from the simple truths of life and even blinds us from what is important and what is not.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has presented themes of a child’s curiosity which is interwoven with an adult’s search for the meaning and purpose of life. 

The Little Prince kept an open mind even when his experiences led to a negative outcome. The author tries to show through this story how adulthood is a state of mind, something that shouldn’t be taken very seriously.

The book also brings to light the fact that how as we descend into adulthood, we let go of childish wisdom and curiosity and turn it into a complicated web of craftiness. 

There is no age rating for this book but it is important to remember that the book does have a poetic language, symbolism and philosophical ideas, therefore it is recommended that the younger readers are guided by their parents throughout the narrative. 

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It is a delightful book full of emotions, and the perfect choice to read while snuggling with your little one, during bedtime stories. For adults and teenagers, this book is a quick and easy read with catchy and entertaining language. 

The Little Prince is a perfect gift for teenagers who are about to enter the next chapter of their life, that is adulthood. It will stay as a reminder for them to look at life from the eyes of a child. The book is also a must-read for anyone who lacks confidence because of the anxieties and stress of adult life. 

The book, since the time of its publication, was regarded as an important piece of literature. The author’s own life as an aristocrat made him want to transcend the political area of life and show his readers that humanity is the most non-political aspect of life which is full of wonders if we choose to look at life like a child does. 

It is recommended that the readers pick up the most recently published copy of this book which is visually stimulating and delivers the author’s vision of the story.

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It is also important that parents do not indulge their children in the old version of this book, since it contains a few racist terminologies, which have been changed and modified in the modern translations of the book.

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