Book Review The Power of your subconscious mind a book by Joseph Murphy

Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind a Book by Joseph Murphy

All Self-help books come across differently. Not only do they ready grounds for improvement, but they expand one’s perspective to jump over the perimeters themselves. In the case of ‘The power of your Subconscious Mind’, the author has introduced methods which have re-defined the style and meaning of self-help books. Today, as we embark on the journey of reviewing the most well-known self-help book that is available in the market, we will enter the mind of Joseph Murphy, who was a doctor of Psychology and wrote extensively about the subconscious mind. 

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Joseph Murphy spent a considerable amount of his life in India, where he learnt the practices of the Indian sages and their Hindu philosophy. He was almost convinced he had uncovered latent mysteries transcending time and culture. Post this intriguing interaction, he participated in the formation of a new church in America, based majorly on Hindu ideologies. 

The Power of your Subconscious mind is a holy grail, that will teach you lessons already hidden inside you. So if you are ready to enter your mind to search and bring out the remedies, secrets and all that will make your life turn around in a positive manner, then keep reading as we provide you with just the right amount of knowledge about the book and an insight into whether it is meant for you or not. 

The primary aim of the book is to differentiate between the conscious and subconscious mind, where the author states that the latter works like “The Master Secret of Ages”.

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For those wondering if this book is based only on Scientific knowledge and will make it a difficult read, then you do not have to worry as the author has taken his audience into consideration and has written this book while keeping in mind to blend faith, belief and hope as important factors to reach the level of mastering the subconscious mind. 

Joseph Murphy has given an explanation of the Subconscious mind and has then explained the power that resides within it. In this book you will read about the importance of ‘Manifestation and Visualisation’, answering life problems, ways to deal with failure, power of belief and faith and ultimately how to live a happy and prosperous life, all by uncovering the miracles of the subconscious mind. 

Though to some this book may seem much like the other self-help books available in the market. What differentiates it from other materials on self-help is that it acts as a tool for all age groups, providing not only theoretical knowledge but also explaining and guiding the reader slowly towards the practical application of the Subconscious mind. It stimulates the reader’s thoughts and encourages optimistic thinking. 

The Power of your Subconscious Mind is one of those books which a person should read at least once in their lifetime. The reason is not attributed to its popularity but to its genuine approach with which it connects its values with reality.

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Joseph Murphy has thus created a narrative that will interlink science and psychology with our daily lives. He has given numerous examples to support his ideas so that his readers can witness the truth, which is the Power of the Subconscious mind and its ability to heal, re-construct, solve and affirm. 

We are not asking you to expect to find a magic trick hidden between the pages of this book. But if you are someone who is willing to bring about a change and more importantly if you are someone who is curious about the hidden power in your own mind, then yes, this is the right book for you.                                    

Although Joseph Murphy wrote this book a long time ago, it holds a lot of meaning in the present time. We are a generation filled with anxieties and self-doubts and what made it even worse was the 2020 Pandemic, which made all of us lose a lot.

The entire human race, somehow forgot, how to go about their daily lives without worrying about diseases, crimes, deaths, depression, etc.

We forgot the power of belief since there was none left, and we moved on with our lives, scared. All the positivity left our bodies while we entered the new normal. If you are someone who goes through these feelings on a daily basis, then it is highly recommended to give your life a fresh perspective. 

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As mentioned before, there is no age limit attached to this book. For anyone wanting to bring about positive reinforcement in their life, this book should be their next read. 

If, as a reader, you appreciate the logic behind scientific knowledge yet still search for the magic of hope and faith, then Joseph Murphy won’t disappoint you.

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