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Book Review: They Both Die At The End – A book by Adam Silvera



Blurb: A love story with a difference – an unforgettable tale of life, loss, and making each day count. This book has a very peculiar tone because it’s not all dark and depressing, but it also isn’t all bright and full of hope. The story Adam is telling us is a melancholic and bittersweet one.

The theme of “They Both Die At The End” book is Mortality, Life, and Meaning; Human Connection and Social Media; Choices and Consequences; Friendship and Chosen Family. “They Both Die at the End” is the story of Mateo and Rufus, two very different guys who live in New York, and then, one day at dawn, they receive a call from Death-Cast, a company that alerts people about the day they’re going to die.

They don’t tell you exactly when or why you’re going to die, they just tell you it’s going to happen in the next 24 hours and that you should say goodbye and put your affairs in order.

When Mateo, who’s a very shy and reserved guy, receives the call he panics and decides he’s going to make the most of his last day, but he can’t make himself go out of his apartment. That’s when he decides it’s a good idea to download the Last Friend app, which connects deckers (people who have received the call) and allows them to meet on their End Day.

And that’s how he gets to know Rufus, an orphan guy who’s running from the police for having beaten the hell out of some dude, and spends his End Day with him.

At one point, the reader will completely forget that the lead characters are on their End Day. I was so absorbed by their adventures and their growing friendship, that I forgot the title of the book.

“They Both Die at the End” was not a typical bucket list for people who are about to die, but a tale of two people who are doomed and are living the best moments of their life.

They are learning to trust in a stranger; and they are trying to make things right for the people they’re leaving behind and who, above all, are daring to love until the very end.

“They Both Die at the End” has a very peculiar tone because it’s not all dark and depressing, but it also isn’t all bright and full of hope. The story Adam is telling us is a melancholic and bittersweet one. Death is on every page but also is love, friendship, and family. There’s the inevitability of everything ending, but also the thrilling sensation of the path they’re taking until the moment comes.

How the author makes us believe in a relationship on the very End Day is amazing, because you’d think he’s used the classical instant love. But he didn’t. “They Both Die at The End” book shows us how powerful bonds can be when formed under very stressful and intense situations.

What I really loved about this aspect of the book was that, apart from Death, everything was a choice: trusting, hanging out together, going to certain places, becoming friends, and caring for the other.

Everything was a choice, Destiny had nothing to do there. A great adventures read with moments filled with love, laughter, and eternal fondness.


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