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LitGleam’s Special Coverage- Why you should have us cover you?

Greatness and brilliance are scarce in the world right now. So when the LitGleam Magazine team discovers it somewhere, they make sure to amplify it. 

That is what happens in the monthly special coverage section of the magazine. We take a brilliant literary event, festival, award ceremony, and even the work environment of a company, and turn it into an object of admiration forever adorning the pages of our magazine. 

In the last two editions, we have covered events like the Jaipur Literature Festival and the First Draft Club of Himalayan Writing Retreat. 

Promotion for your future events

Hosting events and festivals is an excellent way to attract more people to your business. But most events cannot be a one-time wonder. Repetition is the key to engraving your name into the minds of your future customers. 

A colourful, wholesome coverage of your event by LitGleam magazine can help you attract more attendees for any future events you might hold. This isn’t just great for your brand image but can directly reflect in your earnings. 

Promotion for your artists

Being a free to read magazine with an extensive audience, one of LitGleam’s motives is to promote authors and visual artists across various platforms. If your event is promoting artists, a feature in our magazine will do further justice to their work. 

Your event is immortalized in one of the most coveted media- Magazine

There is nothing like conducting a passion project to successful completion. But what’s even better is to have that event documented forever in print. LitGleam gives you the opportunity to do just that. When we cover your event, we give its happenings words that will never be erased. We encapsulate your passion project in beautiful phrases and present them to all our subscribers. 

Employer Branding

Your organisation deserves to get the best talent there is in the market. But for this, you need to make yourself appealing as an employer. With our special coverage of your organisation’s ethics and work culture, you can attract the most skilled and experienced applicants for any job role. 

Get featured today, thank us later

Mail us at if you want us to cover your events. Work with the LitGleam team to boost the visibility of all things literary and artistic. 

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