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Micro Blog: The 5 Benefits of Getting Published

1. Desirability

Publication credits in popular literary journals are proof that you are writing quality pieces at a professional level. This makes you desirable to publishers and other editors.

2. Professional tag

You become a writer the second you decide you are one. But once you get published in a journal, you become a published professional writer. And there is nothing like it!

3. Diverse Resume

No matter what your profession is, having publishing credits attached to your resume give it a boost and make it look more attractive.

4. Exposure

When you get published in a literary magazine, your work gets exposed to all the subscribers of the magazine. Subsequently, if these subscribers like your piece, they will look out for your name in the future. Soon you might be getting book deals out of name recognition.

5. Education Opportunities

Publishing credits can make you a more worthy candidate if you are applying for MFA or creative writing programs.

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