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Interview with Brigadier Dr. Mrinal Kanti Nag

“Follow some key ingredients of discipline, diligence and determination in your life and you will succeed, share your success with social and serve, it will bring you true satisfaction.” These are some of the learnings that can be derived from the new book Reaching the Mirage called Happiness written by  Brigadier. Dr Mrinal Kanti Nag. He had served in the Indian Army for over 27 years, his skills in logistic management, petroleum technology and contract law were put to great use for the service of the nation. Post-retirement, he found his true calling and began teaching students and sharing his knowledge, currently is the Chief Advisor of Podar World College, Mumbai.

Early recognition is often a catalyst to self-discovery. Brigadier Mrinal started writing as a child. Having won several writing prizes in school, Mr Nag went on to write various books in his later years of teaching at Mumbai University. His first publication is ‘Reaching a Mirage called happiness.’

His passion for the service of others and society at large serve to be his prime motivations to write books, inspired by the works of Florence Nightingale, Mother Terressa and Azim Premji,  the brigadier wishes to spread the message that true happiness can be found in the service for society.

The author says the theme of the book Reaching a Mirage called Happiness’ is that Happiness drifts away from us like a mirage if we chase it but can easily be achieved if we serve and help the poor, needy as well as the Sick people of the Society”. He urges everyone to play their own part in serving society. In his book, he talks of simple habits of not wasting food to great ideas such as enrolling to donate your organs post-death. He also mentions how noble one’s contributions towards endorsing ideas such as “World Charitable Fund Trust” under the UN can be. There can be many paths and ways to serve humanity, every small action adds up to a better tomorrow for humanity.

The book brings in the values of discipline, determination, devotion and determination together as the author discusses the various ways in which we, as individuals, can contribute to the collective health of society. “Serving humanity will provide us happiness,” says the Brigadier, when asked what message the readers can expect to take away from the book. 

Brigadier. Dr Mrinal Kanti Nag wishes to continue writing and sharing his ideas with everyone. His second book is based on Economics and Management and he has begun work on his third book as well. Dr Mrinal wishes to continue his commitment towards providing quality education and sharing his experience and ideas with everyone. 

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