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Bio: Internationally Acclaimed Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial, born in 1968 in the District of Kalahandi, Odisha State. He is a Poet, Editor, Thinker and Human Right Activist work all over India. He has worked as National Convenor of many organization, Founder of so many Social, Political and Cultural Organization in India and Leader of many people’s movement for strengthening sustainable development and participatory democracy. 

Originally he is a Odia Poet, side by side he wrote in Hindi. He Published 3 Anthology in Odia, 2 in Hindi (Unpublished), 2 Anthology in English (Lockdown and an Encounter with Death) Published in 2021 and the same will be also published in the Italian and Spanish languages in the year end 2021

He is a Prominent Editor of so many magazines. He is the Editor of The Surjya, The Kalahandi Express, The Bande Kalahandi. He is the Chief Editor of Mahuri, the Literary Magazine of the State of Odisha. He is the Chairman of Mahuri Award started since 2008 to felicitate those who have a great role in contemporary literature. 

His poem has been translated into many international languages by estemeed poets like in English by Poet Bankim Mund & Gobinda Sahoo, Italy by Poet Imanuela Rizzo, Serbic by Poet Sova Sovka Sovic, Russian by Poet Vellary Basyrov & Elena Danishina, Chinese by Poet Kitty Hsu, French by Poet Elizabeth Guyon Spennato, Polish by Poet Zbigniew Miroslawski, Arabic by Poet Mohamed Helmy Al-Rishah, Albanian and French by Poet Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj, Philiepines by Poet Dr.Jes Besin, Vietnamese by Poet Mai Hao Do, Urdu by Poet Shahid Abbas, Pakistan, Bengali by Poet Mahua Das, Kolkata, India.

Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial had joined World Poetry Day Italy 2021 and World Poetry Meet France 2021.

Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial got International Awards like International Ambassador for Peace by WLFPHR, Bhuttan; Global Peace Ambassador by Iqra Foundation, India; Global Star Award by Global Footprint, Bangladesh; Police Material Art Award by South Korea; Literary Luminaries Award-2021 by School of Art and Poetry, Nizeria; Doctorate Confer by Maxican Morocco Cultural & Humanitarian Alliance – This high level certificate generally confer someone’s effort in spreading a culture of peace, peaceful co-existence, humanity, tolerance and his/her literary work.

[1] Why did you choose to do an anthology on death?

Dr. Nial : Death is not a mere word. It has been mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita that whoever is born meets death – Jatasgarh hi Dhrubo Mritya: In the Bible too death has been mentioned at many places such as Psalm 30.2, 46.1, 62.1, 147.3 and in 16.22 Johan has elaborately discussed on death. In the Holy Qur’an:3:185 Allah says : “Everyone shall taste death. And only on the day of resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the fire and admitted to paradise, this person is indeed successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.” Death is an eternal truth in God’s creation. As is love in my poems, so is death.

[2] What are your thoughts on death being a taboo in India?

Dr. Nial : Though death is not generally discussed in Indian Society, it has been elaborately discussed in Indian Philosophy. The Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishadas elaborately discuss death. 

[3] Do you think that people will talk extensively about the idea of death in the future?

Dr. Nial : All religious beliefs elaborately deal with the facts of death. All living beings proceed to merge with the eternal fact. People here started realizing the truth and death will be the sole matter of discussion in the days to come.

[4] What are the other things that you write about besides life and death?

Dr. Nial : Besides poems on life and death I write love poems and poems on helplessness of the creator and creations.

[5] Why do you think people hesitate to talk about seriously essential things like life and death?

Dr. Nial : Human beings are opportunist in nature. (S)he has got no time to delve deep into the philosophy of life and death. Living for the sake of living has become the motto of life for many.

[6] Do you believe tha poetry will help bring out the deepest of emotions?

Dr. Nial : Poetry is a wave, a vibration. It is a worldly affair, a game of words and a chemical process. It discovers human beings. It merges with the supernatural power through the wave.

[7] What are your thoughts on the scope of poetry in today’s literary world?

Dr. Nial : In my view, poetry will have its impact on civilization forever, may it be modern poetry or postmodern poetry. In the monarchical, socialist and capitalist society too poetry has its impact. Poetry is a unique consciousness. In all social settings poetry has its impact on all time, places and characters. Poetry accelerates human consciousness and thought process. That is why poetry is eternal and perennial too.

[8] What is your favourite poem among all your collection of poetry and why?
Dr. Nial : It is difficult to choose one poem out of the collection. I always try to give the best in all my creations. It is the readers who would judge which one is best.

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