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Author Jyoti Shakya talks about her book Devmanav: Insaan hona ek saza

Jyoti Shakya belongs to Morena city in Madhya Pradesh. She is a 26-year-old graduate from Jiwaji University. She is a supervisor in the Department of Women and Child development. The story Devmanav has been co-written by her sister whom she considers as two sides of the same coin. When asked about where the inspiration to write Devmanav came from, she informed us of a near death experience. Jyoti was once suffering from typhoid, she was very ill. Her body was not responding to any of the medicines and she was certain that she is a guest of “few moments”. It is in those what she considered final moments that a thought occurred to her, that if she survived this, she would endeavour to be a part of the history forever. In order to not to let her existence from the world be gone with her death, Jyoti decided to be alive for centuries through writing a book. Death inspired Jyoti to start writing. 

When asked about the character of Devika in her book Devmanav she describes the character as someone who hates humans, because people could die at any moment, leaving life, which Devika did not like at all. Because of people dying at any time, there was no one in Devika’s life whom she could call her own. Devika’s character comes to realise that the journey of life will take one to death only and only till death. Inspite of the negativity portrayed by the character, Jyoti emphasizes that Devika’s thinking, her personality and her attitude towards people and view of the world is the closest to her heart. Shakya compares Devika’s thinking to hers and the moments where Devika ponders about life and death are some of her favourite moments from the book. Ms. Shakya brought her thoughts into this world through Devika.  Her inner most hidden feelings gave her the opportunity to become a good writer.

In Jyoti’s own words, her writing journey was “interesting”. She says, “Writing took me away from all my troubles. I never felt it to be difficult.” Jyoti had dreamed of being in place of an author since she was a childhood. While writing Devmanav, she never felt as though she was indeed writing, instead, she felt as if she herself was drifting in the supernatural realm, travelling among mysteries and deities by means of words.  

While we are glad that Ms. Shakya did not find the writing and publishing journey arduous, there are writers who do not share the same fortune. We asked her what she would like to say to other struggling writers to which she promptly said, “While writing a story one should not worry about its future because it kills the soul of the story. One should write what is in their heart and not in their mind because the words of the heart reach directly to the hearts of people and success is surely achievable.” A true affirming mind-set that would go a long way in helping authors in their struggle.  

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