Everything just felt like a dream- Author Karnika speaks about her recent release.

Sometimes people forget or feel lazy to search for the best things on the internet. Sometimes in their search for skincare solutions, they don’t factor in their skin type or color because they are not sure what category their skin belongs to and this is what I have mentioned in detail in my book, “Beauty Delight”, says Karnika. Karnika is a 20-year-old athlete (national pistol shooter) by profession and an author by choice. She hails from Telangana and is on the way to fulfilling her dreams and passion. 

Describing her book, she says, “We have many websites but we don’t find all problems addressed on one site”. She is here with her book loaded with all the best tips. Her prime motto of writing “Beauty Delight” was to make people aware of the simple tips and tricks that she says will give 100% results. “I have gathered all the best information in my head for as long as I can remember”, she adds. 

Karnika’s journey of writing began a long time ago when she would put herself to sleep at night by rewriting the plots and endings of books that she had read. She assumed that this was normal and everyone else did it too until she began getting weird looks when she talked about it. When Karnika was 19, she figured out she wanted to be a writer. Thus began the process that resulted in her first book being published. She aims to render her help to youngsters and adults alike to make their life best and encourage them to live it to the fullest.

When asked about her book’s journey, she informed us that it took her 8 months to complete the book. Being an athlete, she needed to give more time for her practice and so she would manage both her sports and writing time in a balanced way. We asked her to recall the time when  Beauty Delight was released. She excitedly told us how she couldn’t stop her tears and couldn’t feel the reality when she held her first copy in her hands. “Everything just felt like a dream”, she quotes. 

Talking about her current projects, she says that she is working on a movie script and has also received an opportunity from the film industry. She is confident that she’s using her age and talent in a proper way.

We asked her to share her favourite top from her book. She laughs and says, “I have tried all of them with different people and even with different skin types. That’s why I love my book because it considers skin care from top to bottom”. Her confidence sure is enough to compel anyone to read her book.

Lastly, being a first time writer herself, we asked Kanika to share with us some precious gems of advice. Here’s what she has to say- “All you need to have is confidence. In addition, you should have complete hold of what you are writing. It takes time to be that proficient but you should never lose hope”. She goes on to add that it is extremely important for one to remember why they started writing and maintain calm when things get tough. Having a calm mind is essential to get more ideas about how to make a book better. 

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