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An interview with Achal Mogla

Achal Mogla is an author and an avid reader by heart. He belongs from Agra – Taj Mahal City of India and has explored places like Ahmedabad and Gujarat for quite a long time in his life. With three books under his name now, Mr Mogla’s latest creation ‘Where did I Goof Up in Life?’ is an illuminating book that motivates and encourages the readers to make the most of their life. 

Both of his previous books, ‘The Revival’ and ‘Salt and Pepper’ have touched hearts and influenced hundreds of young minds. Being a hobbyist reader and writer, Achal has written more than 250 poems and prose for his readers. He is also a Certified Handwriting Analyst and loves to analyze people through their handwriting.

 “The feeling of publishing your first book is surreal,” Achal says talking about his first book. He equates the process of publishing his first book to giving birth to a baby. The process of getting thought and writing it on paper is like going through labour and once the book is in your hands, it is like holding your child for the first time. He says that it is a feeling that makes you feel that you are top of the world. 

Having been inspired by the Write India Venture launched by Mrs Vinita Dawra Nangia, the woman behind the highly motivational Speaking Tree columns of the Times of India, Achal started writing short stories which eventually gave birth to his very first short story anthology- Salt and Pepper. His instinct to write got stronger after publishing his first book and the nationwide lockdown ensured that writing became a passion for him. During the lockdown, Achal dedicated his time to writing poems and publishing them on social media. 

Talking about his writing inspirations for the current book, Achal recalls that initially, it was a discussion between two people. However, in the end, the project remained only with Achal. The real inspiration came from his understanding of the world- that a normal average human being he in spite of having the basic necessities of life like food shelter and a family to care which are the most important, he keeps on holding grudges and giving excuses that I could not do this and I could not do that. But in real life, there are so many heroes who in spite of facing hardships in a real sense have gone to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

Venturing further on the book, we find out that ‘Where did I goof Up in Life? Living life without excuses’ is a book about motivating people. There is always a very minor difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The difference is in their attitude and how they approach things.

He hopes that the book can impart motivation to people in the difficult times we are living in right now. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on the well-being of people, the book can help the readers lead their everyday lives with a sense of gratitude, confidence, positivity and a smile on their face. 

A motivator at heart, Achal spreads positivity even when he is not writing. A teacher by profession, in his free time, Achal loves to hang out with his friends, watch movies, listen to music and enjoy food. He likes to explore eating joints and loves to spend time with his father. 

Fortunately for his readers around the country, Achal has solid plans for writing more in the future. Looking ahead, he advises young, budding writers to believe in themselves, dream big and be patient. He invokes the famous quote “there are no shortcuts to hard work and success” as he leads the dreamers onwards on a journey similar to his own. 

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