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3 Fastest Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block: Micro Blog

“I cannot write for the life of me!”

“It’s that writer’s block ruining things again”

“I will never be able to finish that story now” leggi l’articolo completo

If writer’s block haunts you too, then we are here to help you fight it.

Here are the steps our team suggest you can take to overcome writer’s block:

1. Journaling

Freely writing down your thoughts often inspires more refined work. When you’re in touch with your emotions, it’s easier to put them in a narrative.

2. Writing Prompts

Prompts are an amazing way that thousands of writer’s use to overcome writer’s block. Ask your friends to give you random writing prompts.

3. Read

Reading not only takes the pressure off but also helps get inspiration. Often reading a specific genre tells us about the techniques that are used in that genre that in turn help us draw out a narrative.

Keep writing! Keep thriving!

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