BlueRose Publishers hosts virtual BlueRose Book Awards, 2021

First introduced in 2018, the awards were initially known as WordsBrew Book Awards awarded “to the finest self-published books.” In 2021, the awards were renamed as BlueRose Book Awards. The award seeks to honor the literary figures in the field of literature irrespective of their genre, language, and geography. The BlueRose Book Awards 2021 is intended to recognize literary figures who have been consistent to bring a positive change in society. The vision of BlueRose is to converge the different real-life narratives of famous and budding writers under one sky. This space will endow the readers and writers with a pedestal to articulate and explore the different hues of an author’s journey.

The 2021 edition BlueRose Book Awards was one of a kind wherein the entire process took place virtually. The winners were announced at the virtual event on 26th November, 2021. Here are the winners in each category.

  1. Popular Choice- Make it BIG- Cracking Government Interviews in Corporate Style by Saptarshi Nag WBCS(Exe)

About the Book: Who does not want to make it big? After all, you are going to get just one life to live. And what if you are in the process of making it ‘Big’ in the Government? Simply, nothing like that! This book is an attempt to groom you to face any Government Interview in the corporate manner, so that your discipline merges with your attitude, your talent blends with your outlook and your knowledge mixes with your endeavors as you are all set to make your dreams come true. As this book has a universal appeal, even if you are not appearing in any interview, this book may come handy as a little dose of motivation. This book is a reflection of the author’s keen and genuine interest in developing a better society.

About the Author: Saptarshi Nag is a West Bengal State Civil Servant and is currently serving in the rank of Deputy Secretary to the Government of West Bengal and is posted as Secretary in Siliguri in Municipal Corporation. He ranked 1st in the West Bengal Civil Services Examination in 2006 and has more than a decade of experience in administration. With a purpose of helping the aspirants in their quest to conquer the final hurdle of the Government jobs, the interviews, he has come up with his first academic work in this book. He has already helped thousands of students through his personal YouTube channel and remains active in the Social Media hemisphere to reach out to the aspirants to answer their numerous queries. He possesses a keen interest in personality grooming and motivational therapies to help the students overcome their fear psychosis very much common in the sphere of competitive examinations. This book is a reflection of the author’s keen and genuine interest in developing a better society. He currently lives in Siliguri with his wife and two children.

  1. Poetry (Hindi)- Indradhanush Ke Paar by Dr. Ila Prasad Rajan 

About the Book: Seven colours of a rainbow, seven shades of life woven together beautifully in fifty one poems. Let’s walk this path together and unwind these raw emotions depicted by the colours of a rainbow which encompass the essence of being human. Here’s Dr. Ila Prasad Ranjan’s very first poetry book, one of the many more to come!

About the Author: Dr. Ila Prasad Ranjan is an upcoming author and poet who writes in Hindi. She was born and brought up in Patna where she also did her schooling. She completed her B.A, M.A, PhD in Sanskrit and B.Ed from Patna University. She taught for a few years in Magadh Mahila College, PU. Since her childhood she was interested in dance, music, sports. She participated and won many competitions representing Bihar state twice in Interstate Sports Competition in both Kabaddi and Table Tennis. A “C”certificate holder as an NCC sergeant, she is always full of energy. Her creative vision was noticed since her adolescence and reflected in her early age poems. Having lived in various parts of India after marriage, her variety of thoughts on various topics have been depicted vividly in different poems and stories in the form of different shades of life.

  1. Poetry (English) – A New Dawn of a Hundred Hues by Monica Prem Bajaj 

About the Book: A New Dawn of a Hundred Hues’ is a collection of a hundred poems. Each poem in this book will touch your heartstrings, speak to your spirits and enhance your consciousness. This plethora of poems is divided into five sections according to the themes. The first part, ‘Nature’s Rendezvous with Reveries’ is enhanced by natural beauty. The second part, ‘The Glory of Stillness’ emphasizes the relevance of solitude and stillness. These poems carry dark with streaks of light. The third part, ‘Let Me Love Thee’ comprises the poems of Love and desires. Here, love occupies the status of Deity. The fourth part, ‘Lilac Shades of Life’ depicts the various hues of life that will leave the reader exploring asserting, questioning and probing its new vistas. The fifth part, ‘Musings of My Soul’ gives glimpses of our intricate, intuitive, and magnificent soul. As you travel through its pages, you’ll feel a personal connection because ‘ A New Dawn of a Hundred Hues’ has been created for you. May the experience of reading this book leave you in a sense of delight, awe and wonder!

About the Author: Monica got a post graduate degree in English Literature. She was a lecturer for a while then got opportunity to work as a principal of a renowned educational institution. But she chose the road less travelled by, by dedicating her full time to family life after marriage.

Monica began giving breaths to her thoughts by writing lyric poetry. Her spare time spent in contemplating life with sips of ginger cinnamon tea.

  1. Fiction (Hindi)- Yaaden Bachapan Ki by Rajendra Jat

About the Book: Have you ever imagined what life is like in a tiny village devoid of electricity, running water, a school, a hospital and all the facilities that people living elsewhere take for granted? Can you imagine yourself, what happened when you got married at the age of 6? “Yaaden Bachapan Ki” is the story of a village boy who lived in a joint family with almost nothing. In different phases of his early life, he never lost sight of where he wanted to be nor did he forget his roots. The subject in this book is interdisciplinary as it covers culture, religion, education, leadership, transformation, and many others. It is both a story worth writing and a story worth reading. It appeals to the mind. 

About the Author: Rajendra Jat was born in village (Tilonia), which is known for social reforms like RTI and Barefoot College. He is a power professional (Electrical Engineer) and working as Manager in NTPC Ltd. He completed his education from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) and went to MGR University for higher education. He considers his faith and family to be most important to him. If he isn’t spending time with his friends and family, you can almost always find him around poor people. He developed his passion of writing during COVID pandemic. He believed writing word could unlock doors as well as imagination and unite sprit through our vision. As per him every piece of literature is meant to pass a message and can help needy. He usually wrote poems and articles on different subjects like social evils, relations, self-motivation etc. This is the first book written by the author and many more in the pipeline.

  1. Fiction (English)- Wastra by Rohan Kailasam 

About the Book: “A drug addict is attacked during the early hours of the morning on the railway tracks near Churchgate station, which leaves a number of attackers dead and the junkie barely holding on to his life as he is brought to the government hospital and is kept under close guard.

A reporter is given the story to cover. Initially unmotivated by what she thinks is just a waste of time, a meeting with one of the hospital staff, who gives her a photograph, makes her realise that there is lot more to the attack than what meets the eye.

As she unsuccessfully searches for clues, she eventually arrives at a run-down bar in the heart of Colaba market and begins the interview of the resident, the in-house drunk, who might have some answers.

What follows is a story of Bombay and the underworld, looked at from an angle that the reporter never thought existed.

Through a haze of cigarettes and beer, the alcoholic weaves an impossible tale, as it becomes clear that the junkie in the hospital has been targeted for termination by the police assigned to protect him, and the reporter realizes that she is in a race against time to find the answers that might save his life.

Through twists and turns, the reporter is taken on a mind-bending journey that starts in the south Bombay neighbourhood of Colaba and moves through the battlefields of the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s, to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka and the communal riots in Bombay during the 90s, and tells the extraordinary story of Wastra, a figure of legend and smoke and mirrors.

As the story reaches an explosive climax, the reporter finds that the sting in the tale might be more than what she bargained for, as the shades are pulled aside and she faces an unenviable choice.”

About the Author: Rohan Kailasam was born in Chennai and grew up in Mumbai. After finishing college and finding his MBA course uninspiring, he went to Texas and became a commercial pilot before returning to India and joining Air India, initially based out of Mumbai. He has since worked for a number of foreign airlines. 

An avid fitness enthusiast, he plays tennis and holds a black belt in Ishin-ryu karate, having trained under the famous Shihan Hussaini. He is currently a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Tom Chen of Vietnam and represents Giant Team Vietnam in competition. His other passion apart from writing, is music and he plays the piano and is the front man for the Chennai rock band Helmsdeep.

Wastra, his first book, is a crime thriller set in Mumbai, and has been written entirely at 40,000 feet, on the long-haul flights from South East Asia into Europe and North America.

  1. Non-Fiction (Hindi)- Chahat khushiyo ki by Dr. Vivek Tangri 

About the Book: This book is for those who want to live their life happily. It has often been observed that whatever events happen in your life, whether it is small or big, family or social, we keep compromising on our happiness in almost every aspect of life. The most precious thing in life for which we are making all our endeavors every day is to find happiness only and we keep away from that happiness due to useless reasons. This book is a squeeze of the life experience of the author and by means of this book it has been tried to suggest that by making some small changes in our lives, we can bring happiness in our life and create a happy environment for ourselves as well as our family and surroundings. A prosperous society, a prosperous nation is possible only when our present is in a strong and happy mental conscious state and this is possible only when we can get happiness from every aspect of our life. With the simple experiments given in this book, it is definitely possible to bring a lasting happiness in the life of all of us.

About the Author: Dr. Vivek Tangri is one of those Indian youth who are proud of their country, religion and culture. Dr. Vivek holds a PhD in Theology from the California Public University. His devotion to Shri Hanuman ji is unmatched. He has written three books on the management qualities of Shri Hanuman ji and has drawn more than 151 paintings on various forms of Shri Hanuman ji. Dr. Vivek Tangri is an academician as well as a successful HAPPINESS AND LIFE COACH. His organization SPREADING HAPPINESS and his aim is only that by living in this precious life, we should be happy ourselves and keep an atmosphere of happiness around us. Only then life will become meaningful. Dr. Tangri constantly strives for the fulfillment of this objective and also keeps motivating everyone through his YouTube channel Vivekvani.

  1. Non-Fiction (English)- The Corporate Drama by Manishdatta Rajul 

About the Book: “Are you struggling to deliver your level best performance in a corporate job? Are you questioning if this is an ideal job for you? Are you finding it difficult to cope up with your manager and the pressure at the job? If these questions define your current thought process and struggles, then you have picked the right book to answer all the above questions. Read this book to learn the ways to tackle all the problems related to corporate work life. You will find processes that you should implement in your working culture to avoid mistakes at the workplace. This book will act as a guidebook to help you feel comfortable in a corporate environment and deliver your level

best performance year after year. This book will help you to take control of your career growth. Ultimately, it’s more about finding a balance between your work life and your personal life.”About the Author: Manishdatta Rajul has completed his post-graduation from IIM Bangalore. He has corporate working experience in both private and government organizations. Manish was fortunate enough to work under the leadership of several leaders and with multiple teams on different projects. He loves to share his knowledge with young professionals to inspire them to focus on important corporate life goals. With this book, his target is to touch more lives and guide even more people towards success and prosperity. Manish is basically from Uttar Pradesh but was born and brought up in Gujarat. Currently, he resides in Gurgaon with his beautiful wife. Within his friends’ circle and in-office workgroups, Manish is a go-to guy for any advice. This book is his attempt in helping the vast audience of young professionals to navigate the tricky waters of corporate life.

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