Dump Luxury And Go Zero

Team LitGleam was glad when Mr. Sagar Singh, eco-prenuer, a water warrior and a minimalist agreed to an interview with them. They dived headfirst into a full on discussion about his e-commerce company called, ‘Going Zero’ and why minimalism is necessary. He extensively supports sustainable ways of life and highlights the need to bring back the concept of living in coexistence. 

The interview takes on a serious note when he talks about the connection between buying a product and the impact it could have on the environment. He also talks about the danger of using single use plastics and lack of awareness among people when they buy things. People should always be conscious and check what ingredients are used in the making of the products they buy and make sure that it is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the planet in any way. On the road to minimalism the first step should be decluttering. Once you identify what you need and what you don’t, moving on from there should be very easy. They also discuss mass extinctions, global warming and plastic pollution and its harmful effects. 

The interview also pivots around a much more general personal attitude that will aid us in leading a healthier and happier life. He talks about his work and how he started off in an NGO, how he stood up against the deforestation in Mumbai, how difficult his journey was to begin with and how all those challenges that came his way gave him a necessary life lesson. From there they move on to the importance of being grounded with nature and living in coexistence with other species, being grateful for things mother nature gives us, making a connection with those around us both generally and emotionally and most importantly contributing our part in what an individual is capable of. Sagar Singh and his aim to paint the country green never fails to impress. To get more awe-inspired by him.

Read full interview here

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