Tumi ki Manush

By: Debashis Bhattacharya

The mad mob chased to kill Sudhir and Jayanti for their unrequited love marriage. They committed suicide leaving their baby (Dev). Dev grew up under the guardianship of a Yogi. Yogi handed over Dev to Vijay Seth in a condition that Dev would return when he called. Sulochana, the witty daughter of Vijay Seth, made an affair with Dev. Enduring the torture and humiliation of Bishodhar Dev remained soundless report completo. When Sulochana’s wedding day with Bisodhar was finalized bewildered Sulochana left the house. Did she commit suicide or get her love back? Did Dev come back to Yogi? Why Yogi bound Vijay Seth in a decisive condition! Love is the sweet string for the unity of mankind elaborated magnificently in the story.

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