Shaman, Woman and the Rooster

By- Jon Pebi Tato

A few people from Damyo village unanimously decide to visit the shaman in the Southern province, but on their way an unprecedented incident occurs- Yami and Takar are captured by the “uyu” (spirit) In order to save them, rest of the villagers must face the “uyu” with the help of the greatest shaman of the Northern Province. The journey is not easy and they must overcome certain challenges until each one of them returns to Damyo village to see how the truth unravels.

The book has been written by Jon Pebi Tato, a passionate YouTuber from Yaki Tato Keak village, Arunachal Pradesh. He grew up listening to the bed time stories from his beloved father which inspired him to write and bring out his own short Fictional story of “Shaman Woman and the Rooster“. The book is suitable for bed time stories for children even above 10 years. Although the book is fictional in character and nature but the author has given it an indigenous touch. The book reflects how the indigenous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are dominantly inspired by the Shamanism since long ages.

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