Prem Malang ke Kisse

By: Aishwarya Tiwari

“Prem Malang Ke Kisse”, this book is based on love poems written by me. In these poems I have blended reality with imagination and it contains the voices of union and bereavement. The love irrespective of age, caste and creed has found place in these poems. I have tried to catch the vibes of love floating in the air around me and moulded them into poems. These love poems will present all the aspects of love before the readers and they will go through a journey of love right from the childhood to the old age. As for me, love is always special because it is the only thing that is the driving force of an individual’s life In my opinion, love is the only thing that remains after death. Love that transcends from carnal desires to spirituality is quite rare these days. But in this rarity lies the greatest experience because now it creates a new universe for those two individuals as their profound love for each other starts emanating from their own self and creating an aura that has nothing except love. After reading this book the reader will feel a sense of waiting in the poems as they have been written under the influence of waiting that happens when one waits for love before the love itself happens in one’s life.

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