By: Shirly kiran



I have a question for all my lovely READERS… We know how to hurt people so easily but at the same time do we have the power to heal it with love? Well, I’ll leave it up to you. Love is something that can’t be expressed in words, it’s the feeling where we can only show to whom we love. There is no true or fake love or anything else. Love itself is pure and eternal where we are making it polluted completely by our awful desires. We people who have not just changed the meaning of it but we have completely wiped out its identity. It makes me feel pity because we are propelling ourselves for our destruction. Without Love, without that bond, no one can survive and the whole world will be like chaos. This book is truly inspired by the events that happened in and around me were taken as motivation. I think everything happens for a reason but we need to make our life more meaningful by writing our destiny.
“Love is not painful until you make it miserable”

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