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It’s Never Too Late To Switch To Veganism

It’s time to look at why Shruti Jain was approached by LitGleam for an exclusive interview on veganism and cruelty free lifestyle. Apart from being a vegan blogger Shurti Jain is also an ethical investor and a wealth manager. Erasing the common misconception that being vegan is dull and monotonous she draws a quite colourful picture for it instead. 

Besides being a vegetarian ever since she watched documentaries about animal cruelty she’s never been able to consume products that uses animal ingredients. The interesting part of the interview was when she claimed that the transition to veganism was not as difficult for her as it might be for others. Being a jain made it less difficult for her. She also clears the most confusing fragment of the concepts veganism and cruelty free. Not only does she point out the differences between the two she also says why one should follow both. 

The most informative part of the interview is where she talks about why the vegan way of life is not expensive at all. She says that there are hundreds of recipes online to cook different vegan food and many alternatives to clothing and accessories that use animal ingredients. The interview was blazing with loads of information when she presented ideas on easy transitioning such as seeking out professional help, making slow paced changes, support groups and social media influencers who might be happy to lend a hand.

She also breaks the common misbelief that veganism is only about food. She also acknowledges the lack of awareness among people and talks about the ways to turn vegan in all aspects of life and since it is different for different individuals giving a definite answer is difficult. To quench your curiosity about this much more.

Read the full interview here 

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