Career Opportunities you can find if you are a good writer

By Sripada Manikya

In contemporary civilisation, one would not be in interfacing with the globe if “writing” was not comprehended. The elucidation of writing is to commute and switch the sphere. Priority, writing used to be confined for academics, edification or the periodic note to a loved one. As time advanced, “writing” has configured approach and sculptured into innumerable genres.

In this neoteric planet, writing is organised as instant messaging, texting, emailing and even comments or tweets on social media. Accordingly, writing is enhancing professional career paths. Thereupon, the subsequent look-in can dispense you with professional career opportunities if you are a good writer.

Content writers

Content writers design written ideas for webpages and added sorts of media.

The prowess that are prerequisites to suit a content writer are:

Authenticity in perception, time management, knowledge of social media, editing, analysis, cognition of social media, connecting and search engine optimisation

Content is the activity of drafting, writing and editing web content, constantly for digital marketing intends. It can encompass writing blog posts and articles, manuscript for videos and podcasts, as well as content for determined objectives.

Technical writers

Technical writers manoeuvre their writing and communication expertise to model convoluted details simple to assimilate.

A technical writer is a professional writer who convey complicated particulars. They initiate technical documentation that incorporates tools like journal articles, user manuals, instruction manuals and even web pages, media posts and press releases.


Editors write up, audit, re-script, copy-edit the work of writers. They also accomplish indigenous writing. An editor’s control and management extend with the employer’s category and magnitude of editorial orientation held.

Editing is the process of choosing and preparing written, visual or photographic paper employed by an individual or an entity to convey a message or information.

Freelance writers

A freelance writer is a writer who services on a self-employed base and groundwork. These can function for equitably a magazine or further habitually, these inscribe for divergent broadcaster now and again.

Living as a freelance writer does necessitate a definite volume of dependency. Nonetheless, it is worth orientating in intellect that every printed writing is treasured in its retained prerogative, as it can be enumerated to a writer’s assemblage.


A blogger is an individual who composes blogs for, and retains a blog.

Blogging mentions to writing and additional media that author-published digitally. Blogging embarked as a scope for individuals to formulate diary-style entries, but it has since been amalgamated into websites for the multitude businesses. The indicator of blogging encompasses continual updates, casual language and opportunities for readers to undertake and begin a chat.

Copy writers

A copy writer is someone who is paid to pencil copy-words outlined to elicit effort. Copy writing is inevitably bridged to the transform of upgrading or selling a business corporate, trademark, product or employment which assembles it, by precision, a structure of marketing.

A copy writer concocts comprehensible, absorbing echo to sell products or edify and entries clients, cocking eloquent writing muscle on webpages, blog posts, product illustrations, email blasts, poster commercials, newsletters, social media platforms comprehending Twitter, Instagram and other marketing associated channels.  


A journalist is a person who functions in journalism to delineate the news. They may operate on their own (as a freelancer) or for a newspaper, a radio or television broadcast. There are divergent classifications of journalists.

A reporter is a category of journalists, who explore, pens, and proclaims documentation and statistics. Newspaper columnist dispatch news write-ups and recitals for newspapers.

Journalism is the congregation, tabulation and dissemination of facts through as range of egress. This is marked as an indispensable slice of media industry. As the time advanced, the domain of journalism has developed magnificently.

Content marketer

A content marketer is accountable for an editorial calendar that can append case-studies, exploration, webinars, videos, blogs, white papers, infographics, tweets, emails, web copy, letters, presentations, and ample of other productive strategies of communication.

The up most three efficiencies for a content marketer would be data visualizer, story teller and curious about raising the proper questions and looking for content designs in distinct spots.

Content marketing is a sort of marketing engrossed on fabricating, bringing out and dispense content for a target audience digitally.

It is usually used by businesses in order to attain the successive intents:

Attract attentiveness and kindle lead, enlarges brand awareness or reliabilty, thicken their customer base, and capture a digital association of users.

Content marketing recommends uninterrupted conveyance of great quantities of content, ideally inside a content marketing policy.

Accordingly, having a subsequent consideration on these, can dispense you with professional career opportunities if you are a good writer.

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