List of best fiction books

List of Top 10 Best Fiction Books of 2022.

Here’s a List of Best Fiction Books in 2022. The end of the year is a great time to reflect upon the lessons you’ve learned and the skills you’ve gained. If book reading is a habit which you picked up in 2022, then as a reader it is almost impossible to oversee the number of new genres that were introduced this year. 

2022, a year which prompted people to pick up a book and indulge in the age-old practice of reading. Social media has helped popularise many books, and for ardent readers, 2022 was a bountiful year with numerous literary options to choose from. 

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To make it easy for readers who in the future would want to look back at this year and pick up a book to define this year, we have listed down The Best Fiction Books of 2022:

  • It Can Only Happen In Love
  • Book Lovers
  • Sea of Tranquility
  • All my Rage
  • Mermaid Mirinda
  • Anatomy: A Love Story
  • The Book of Cold Cases
  • When the Mind Speaks
  • The Maid
  • Reminders of Him
  1. It Can Only Happen In Love – 
    What else would be a great way to reflect upon this year while keeping in mind the power of love and its ability to transform? 
    Mohit Rana’s “It Can Only Happen In Love”, is a story of a boy who is gay and has been through enough trouble due to his sexual orientation. 
    It was a proud moment for us Indians when Section 377 was legalised, but it still remains taboo. Mohit Rana has written a moving account of a boy who strives to find love and ultimately fulfil his childhood dream. The book will make the reader laugh and also cry while realising how difficult it is for people who belong to this community. 
  2. Book Lovers – 
    Emily Henry’s “Book Lovers” won the award for “Best Romance 2022”. As the title might have given you a hint about the story, it also narrates the story of Nora Stephens who, like us, is a book nerd. She ultimately struggles to come out of her desire to be the heroine of her story and stumbles upon a man who is quite contrary to being a hero. 
    This contemporary romance is about two book lovers who meet each other and uncover stories they have written about themselves. 
  3. Sea of Tranquility – 
    Emily St. John Mandel’s book is the winner of the “Goodreads Choice Awards”. It is a Sci-fi novel, which will resonate with the reader on a personal level, due to being set amidst a pandemic. The purpose of this book is to find peace and beauty in a world which is rotting. This book also provides the adventures that come with time travel. 
  4. All my Rage – 
    Saba Tahir is the most well-known young adult author. Her realistic fiction “All My Rage” became a must-read on all social media platforms. This book attracts a young audience who make decisions, have regrets and search for forgiveness. 
    The story also focuses on the struggles of being an outcast in the United States. 
  5. Mermaid Mirinda – 
    Arindam Sain is the Indian author you need to look up if you are keen to step into a world of mystery, adventure, Science and Mythology. In this book, he fulfils the readers’ curiosity of exploring the secrets of the ocean and the different species which might be living under that dense mystery. 
  6. Anatomy: A Love Story – 
    Dana Schwartz’s modern-day Gothic romance novel, is what brings back the magic of Frankenstein, but is set in a modern Scottish world. It is a queer romantic story of a man and a woman who have two different ambitions, but similar strange ways of accomplishing them. 
  7. The Book of Cold Cases – 
    Another one of social media favourites is Simone St. James’ mystery thriller, which shows the encounter of a crime blogger with a woman who was cleared of two cold case slayings. The book is sure to send a chill down your spine with its supernatural suspense and realistic mystery.
  8. When the Mind Speaks – 
    Rajesh started writing at the age of 12. He has written Malayalam short stories in this book. The stories revolve around the themes of loneliness and the social structure which suffocates the individual. The readers will also see instances of stories being told like a “Fable”, where animal characters show human emotions. 
  9. The Maid – 
    Nita Prose’s novel is a contemporary thriller which focuses on the character of Molly Gray, whose simple life is turned upside down when she witnesses a dead body at her place of work. Whether or not Molly gives up her spirit, is what makes this book an absolute page-turner. 
  10. Reminders of Him – 
    Our list would be incomplete without Colleen Hoover. We left the best for the last. 
    This novel is a contemporary drama which revolves around the life of a troubled mother, who hopes to reunite with her daughter. She finds love but it doesn’t come without its own risks. The author’s heart-breaking storylines and narration have always made her novels extremely popular on all social media platforms.

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