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Author Suman Thakur on her love of animals, her adorable pet dog Mogli and her debut book.

LitGleam had a talk with Suman Thakur, author of Mogli and his Adventures. The first question we asked her was- The name Mogli brings to mind the boy from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, how is your Mogli different from him? Her prompt response was, “The Mowgli of Jungle book is a human kid raised by animals in the forest. In my book, Mogli is a pet dog who narrates the stories of his life among human being.” Suffice to say that is enough to get anyone’s interest piqued. Suman found her inspiration for the book in her pet dog Mogli. 

From early in her life, Suman has been fascinated with human-animal relationships. In her native village, during her childhood days, the co-habitation she found herself in has had a profound effect on her. Now, when she is a mechanical engineer working in corporate sector, Suman’s life is hectic. But she manages to find time for her reading and writing hobbies. She loves being close to nature and listening to music courtesy of the childhood spent vacationing with her grandparents at their village and listening to folk songs during the lively story telling sessions.

When Suman is not doing anything else, she spends her time with her dog, playing and communicating with him. She would always wonder, what was going on in her fur ball’s mind and that prompted her to come up with her book “Mogli and his Adventure.” The book chronicles Mogli’s bond with his human friend and his life which is full of happiness and enthusiasm. 

The author realised the potential of storytelling early on in her life, how it enables the words to turn into visuals in the mind and it is this potential that Suman has made use of fully in her debut book. Given how ardently loved dogs are all over the world, Suman is sure the readers will enjoy her book and she hopes that it’ll nudge people in general to be affectionate towards animals. 

Being a first time author is tough. Yet that did not deter Suman from putting her words on to the paper and sharing it with the world. When asked what advice she would give to other first time writers such as herself, she says “Believe in yourself and always write a story which you feel strongly about.” That is truly a wonderful gem to share with others.  

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