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Book Review

Name: Chasing Hope

Author: Pranavi Khandekar 

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Bluerose Publishers

Blurb: ‘Hope’ is the feeling to fulfill a desire. ‘Hope’ is looking forward to something in the future. ‘Hope’ is the basis of fulfilling our wants and longings. The book – Chasing Hope comes as a ray of sunshine during the present dreary days of uncertainty and despair. The collections of poems in this book are a message from the author to her readers on not losing hope today in order to have a better future tomorrow. Despite having walked a difficult path, the poet tells us that there is still light at the end of that rough and tiring journey. This book also contains some beautiful illustrations that bring the poems alive. There is so much fervor in the prose that you get caught up in the tide of emotions that sweeps you along with them. This one is a keeper for sure. 

Review: ‘Chasing Hope’ is the second book of poems by Pranavi Khandekar. The poet through her poems talks about countless emotions one undergoes when battling depression. She talks about pain, crying in silence, struggling, losing track of reality, losing faith, being bruised, scared and broken. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she gives us hope that everything just makes you stronger and better to lead you to a glorious tomorrow. Scattered through the pages are various forms of hope that the author inducts us to – fearlessness, strength, victory, winning, having faith and voicing out your pain. There are a few poems that stand out more than the others report completo. ‘Dreamcatcher’ tells about growing your dreams in a jar, which reminds one about the metamorphosis of a stubby green caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly that soars across the sky. ‘You will be heard’ is all about how your effort can be your voice because actions always speak louder. ‘Give a chance’ encourages you to give yourself a chance rather than expecting others to understand you. “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world’ according to Shelly. But in this case, the author lifts the veil to expose the dark underbelly of depression. And then through her empathy and sensitivity the author encourages us to find the light through all that darkness. This is the author’s journey and she takes us all along for an empathetic ride. 

LitGleam Rating: 4/5

Quote: ‘When things get rough, 

Just hold on tight. 

When it gets dark, 

Hope will show you light.’

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