book review indian economy a book by ramesh singh

Book Review: Indian Economy – A book by Ramesh Singh

Book name: Indian Economy

Author: Ramesh Sing

Blurb: Written by a subject expert who has several books on economics, contemporary essays, etc. to his credit, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh is now in its 14th edition and continues to be as useful as ever for the students.

One of the most recommended books on the subject and the ‘best-sellers’ of all time, the book has emerged as an ‘indispensable companion’ for the aspirants of Civil Services exams. 

Review: It covers all the concepts at the basic level along with the facts in the most updated manner, linking them to the current developments in the Indian context.

All the concepts and theories are covered in the book to help the reader develop a ‘fundamental’ and ‘application-based’ understanding of economics.

Along with its subtle linkages to real policy issues and the areas of governance, polity, diplomacy, ethics, technology, etc. In an interdisciplinary manner — making economics easy for even those who have ‘no background’ in it. This is an excellent book that introduces macroeconomics to students without a background in economics. My understanding of public policy was considerably strengthened after reading this book.

This book is Highly recommended for anyone looking for a detailed explanation of the conceptual basis of the Indian economy.  The book includes an analysis of the Economic Survey 2020–21 and the Union Budget 2022–23 as a separate section. 

It also gives comprehensive coverage of various aspects of the Indian economy along with current affairs to provide a holistic view of the subject.

Indian Economy discusses the economic impact of Covid-19 and various national and international indices mentioned in the relevant chapters for an in-depth understanding. It has also Incorporated facts and analysis from NITI Aayog reports wherever necessary.

If you are someone who’s currently preparing for the civil services examination or aspiring to crack UPSC, then the book should be added to your list of reference materials. It is a solid book with a piece of vast information given in a very comprehensive and understandable manner. 

The formation of this book has been drafted to make it a helpful guide for UPSC aspirants, but even a layman can try reading it for additional information and growth of knowledge. 


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