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Book name: Decoding M.E.D.I.A

Author: Dr. Amit Kakkar 

Publisher: BlueRose Publishers 

Publication date: August 2021 

Blurb: The book deals with the ins and outs of journalism, advertising and mass media. It is ideal for students or any media enthusiast who is always on the lookout for knowledge. The author of this book is the best source as he has worked with various companies that have made an excellent mark in the field of media, communications and advertising. 


The author begins his book with the beginning of his journey as to how he identified himself as a media professional by showing his readers how everything will not be easy. His story evolves as how he was offered the job which then he began to enjoy. The explicit honesty and truthfulness in his narrative and him sharing his own experiences builds credibility and bridges that gap between him and his readers who are future’s next media professionals. 

The very first section of his book directs students into what method they can choose for their training and development. It also shows how the students of this generation have various choices and creative methods to learn, thanks to the internet and technological development. He then moves on to the skills that one requires to excel in this field and in life in general. 

It is difficult to deny the role and influence of the media in our lives today. Mass media is a part of our everyday lives and that is exactly what the author intends to register. But before that you have an interesting page that will literally decode the word M.E.D.I.A. Further his book plunges into the world of media and advertising and how interwoven they are, how they compliment each other and how to use this as an effective tool to promote or develop your brand or product. 

The book starts off from the very first medium- print that marked the onset of mass media advertising. He then moves on to radio, magazine, TV and social media. But at each and every section there is a clear cut definition, explanation, relevant examples. While these sections help you trace the evolution of advertising through various media it will also help you locate and identify the best medium for your advertising. There are so many interesting and quirky things like what happens in a newsroom, the future of TV and the impact of fake news that will spice things up besides the book itself being based on an interesting topic. 

This book is worth reading by all means for anyone interested in media and advertising. It is a classic dictionary for media and communications students who need a quick run through what lies ahead of them. It comes off as handy to read something by a professional media trainer who has had hands-on experience in this field. Nevertheless, it is interesting and I am sure that the readers will be taken aback by the literal nature of the title of this book when they finish the book. 

Rating : 4

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