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What Is The Importance Of Self-Care In Skincare & Mental Health?

There was a time when the word “self-care” only meant asking my mother for a champi and applying ubtan on the face while enjoying my favourite television serial. Eating my favourite junk food and chocolates felt like heaven whenever I used to put my lips on them. This to me was the perfect way to take care of the self. Relaxing, giving your body what it wants, and feeling elevated.

Does our body not deserve to be treated this way on a daily basis? Keeping junk food apart, the release of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine would contribute to feelings of well-being and relaxation. These chemicals are often referred to as “feel-good” hormones or neurotransmitters, and self-care is one of the best ways to release these chemicals. To be honest, it is a win-win situation. I am not saying that binging your favourite Netflix series, with cold pizza in the middle of the night would not make you feel relaxed, because let’s face it, it is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. But how is that really benefiting you?


What is self-care? This is a common question that many of us. In fact, it’s one of the things we give in to after a nasty breakup, isn’t it? ‘I am going to get into self-care now’ is the phrase we mostly use after our hearts are broken.

Self-care may be beneficial for some people and highly tedious for others. It depends on our decision. The act of prioritising our mental, physical and emotional needs is not an easy job to do. Most of the time, people confuse self-care with just putting products over themselves once in a blue moon and giving it the name of self-care.

Shielding yourself from negativity, or anything that hampers your mental health is also considered taking care of the self. Working your body to maintain physical well-being.

Let’s get into some hard-hitting truths, shall we?

Now the real question is, where to start from and what areas do we consider while taking self-care seriously? Well, there is a saying, “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.”

You may look like a boss on the outside and still feel like an absolute nothing on the inside. You may even feel act like everything is fine with you, like you have it all figured out even when you are breaking on the inside. Why do we put ourselves through it?

When you start taking care of yourself mentally, put in good thoughts, and associate with people who help you become a better version of yourself, you are not just making your environment better, but you are also accepting the fact that you deserve good things. We condition our brains to incline towards the negative part, mostly in every aspect of life. We become so negative that we forget what we deserve and start settling for everything that is below our league. Every time we get treated badly, makes us feel worthless, and we start questioning ourselves. What is the way to escape that feeling? The most popular and reliable way is putting our hands on greasy food items, watching Netflix all day, not moving our bodies and isolating ourselves from the world around us. It makes us feel safe for a good couple of days until it turns into the worst habit that we inculcate. After some time, we start feeling uncomfortable in our own bodies. We all end up feeling like a mess. Unable to get our thoughts straight, struggling with our body, our mental health and our emotional well-being too. Let’s think of it this way, whenever our best friend is going through a traumatic situation from which they cannot find their way out, what do you do? Any sane person would ask them to take the decision that puts their mental peace and happiness first, whatever may that be. When it comes to us, why do we not take that decision? Not putting our needs and wants first is equivalent to us not putting ourselves first.

Get yourself out of the rut and get your life together. It usually takes up to 21 days to create a habit. Create a skincare routine, go for a hot girl walk, complete your 10,000 steps, journal, and practice gratitude. What really is there to lose?  If anything, this will get you accustomed to functioning into a routine.

Where to start?

Start with taking baby steps. Going overboard with self-care to get instant results only leads to the exhaustion of the body and mind. But don’t you worry, here are some steps for you to start with your journey towards self-care:


When you start taking care of your emotional needs and spending time with yourself, you get the time to separate your thoughts and categorise them. Some thoughts are not really necessary for us to waste our time overthinking it. A walk out in the park or anywhere around nature helps you reconnect with yourself. Spend time with your loved ones. The ones who make you feel loved and are good for your mental health are extremely important for you to have around. Now, just to be clear, spending time with your loved ones does not mean getting validation from them and completely depending on them. This is why you need to spend quality time with yourself, so you do not have to ask other people to make you feel like the hot girl/boy you are.


As mentioned before, the release of “feel-good” hormones is necessary. The name explains this part for itself. I know what you are thinking, “Why would I want to change into my gym clothes, make the effort to go to the gym and work out?”. You are not alone my friend, we all think this way. But we gotta do what we gotta do, isn’t it? You can do a 10-minute workout in the comfort of your home too. You just have to get your body to move. Do it while scrolling through your FYP on Instagram or watching your favourite Youtube videos. And guess what, that glow you see on your skin after a good workout session is the blood circulation that Improves your skin texture. Now, who does not want glowing skin?


By taking care of our mental health, we can keep a good outlook, manage stress and difficulties, and develop resilience. It entails cultivating healthy connections, engaging in self-compassion, and reaching out for assistance when required. Prioritizing our mental health helps us feel emotionally stable, feel better about ourselves, and be better able to handle daily duties. By taking care of our mental health, we develop a sense of inner tranquillity, harmony, and fulfilment, which enables us to live better, more meaningful lives.

Want to improve your mental health? Get into skincare

 Now, you must be thinking about how having a skincare regime and taking care of the physical aspects help with mental health. Once you start with skincare, everything gets interconnected and every aspect starts to align. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s break down the points of importance of skincare on mental health.

A Time for Self-Care and Relaxation: 

Performing a skincare routine is a beneficial chance for self-care and relaxation. These minutes provide us with an opportunity to slow down, be present, and take care of ourselves, whether we are washing our faces, putting moisturizer on, or indulging in a face mask. Stress and anxiety can be lessened by kneading skincare products onto our skin since it is peaceful and soothing. It develops into a self-indulgent routine that encourages attentiveness and gratitude for oneself.

Increasing Self-Confidence: 

One of the most obvious advantages of skincare is the increase it gives our self-confidence. We feel more at ease and confident in ourselves when we take the time to take care of our skin. Self-consciousness can be reduced by having clear, healthy skin, which makes it easier and more confident for us to connect with others. Skincare routines can develop into self-affirming rituals that serve to remind us of our value and deserve for self-care.

Connecting with Your Body: 

Skincare helps us to connect with our bodies on a deeper level than just the surface. We develop a better understanding of the demands and sensitivities of our skin when we apply products and take care of them. Our mind and body are more closely connected as a result of this increased awareness. We may better comprehend our well-being and deal with any problems that may arise by establishing this connection. It encourages self-care on a holistic level and recognizes the interaction between our mental and physical health.

Skincare routines can be turned into mindful rituals

 That enable us to be completely present in the moment as part of mindfulness practice. We can concentrate on the sensations, fragrances, and textures of the products while we cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Through the use of this mindfulness technique, we are able to divert our focus from daily tensions and concerns, leading to a tranquil and contemplative state. We may improve our mental acuity, lessen anxiety, and promote inner peace by including mindfulness in our skincare practice.

Taking Care of Your Skin Will Improve Your Overall Well-Being: 

Taking care of our skin will improve our overall well-being. Our mood and self-perception are favourably impacted when we feel good about how we look. Skincare encourages healthy behaviours that improve our physical and emotional well-being, including drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep, and using sunscreen. We invest in our entire quality of life and in ourselves when we spend money on our skincare regimen.

Skincare is a tremendous tool for improving our mental health and well-being. It is not just about having flawless skin. We may cultivate self-love, mindfulness, and self-acceptance by taking care of our skin. It strengthens our bond with our bodies, lowers our stress levels, and enhances our self-confidence. We may create a happy mindset, enhance our general well-being, and begin a journey of holistic self-care by including skincare into our self-care routine. Let’s thus embrace skincare as a technique that may transform both our outer and inner selves.

How to create a skincare regime?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Here are some tips that you can follow to start your skincare journey.


STOP using harsh products to cleanse your skin just because of the advertisements that attract you. Start with gentle cleansers like Cetaphil. Massage your face properly to get the dirt and pollution out. This will help with getting rid of any bacteria on your skin. Leave for a minute after massaging the cleanser for it to get activated.

Moisturizing: No matter what your skin type may be, this step is crucial to lock in the moisture and natural oils the skin produces. People with an oily skin type believe that skipping this step will reduce oil production. That is not true. Go for a mild moisturizer. Pond’s lightweight moisturizer is a great option for all skin types. Just apply it while the skin is still damp.

SPF: Come on now, it is 2023, are you still not using SPF? Be it indoors or outdoors, with the sun sucking the life out of you or the rainy weather helping you with your perfect Instagram story, you have to apply SPF. Women age faster than men, and the only way to save your skin from premature ageing is by using a sun shield. The sun damages the skin barrier and which results in wrinkles, pigmentation and an increased risk of skin cancer. Reapplication of the SPF is extremely necessary. The best sunscreen to put your hands on would be Minimalist with SPF 50.

These 3 are the only steps you need to kick-start your journey with skin care. Religiously follow this routine to protect your skin and give it the care it needs.

Some hacks for you to have a glow-up

Oil pulling:
 During oil pulling, a tablespoon of oil is swished around in the mouth, pulled between the teeth, and moved around the oral cavity for about 15 to 20 minutes. The oil is then spat out. This helps with detoxification, gum health and oral health.

Gua sha: During a gua sha session, a lubricant, such as oil or lotion, is applied to the skin, and the tool is then used to apply gentle but firm strokes or scraping motions on the face or body. The strokes are typically performed in a specific direction along meridian lines or target areas, such as the neck, back, limbs, or face. This helps with improved blood circulation, reduced muscle tension and pain.

Quit coffee, and switch to matcha: Coffee’s caffeine content can lead to issues like jitteriness, restlessness, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Excessive consumption can result in dependency and digestive discomfort. Matcha, however, is rich in antioxidants, supports heart health and the immune system, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Its combination of caffeine and L-theanine provides an energy boost while promoting relaxation and focus. Matcha can improve mood, aid in weight management, and has various health benefits.

Start completing your 10k steps: Go out for your hot girl walk, and burn some calories while listening to your favourite music or podcast. How hard is that? Not much. This will not only change your body, but it will also heal it from the inside, mentally, physically and will balance your hormones.

DIY face pack: Just mix honey with lemon and apply it on your face, do not forget the neck, for 10 minutes. It will leave your skin soft and hydrated. Your skin will definitely thank you, of course, after the tears you wasted on your insecure ex, your skin would not mind a little pampering.

These were a few tips that you can use to pamper your body. Take care of your body and it will thank you in different ways.

Self-care is not selfish; rather, it is an act of empowerment and self-preservation. We refuel, lessen stress, and improve our general quality of life by practicing self-care. It gives us the ability to be our most authentic selves in both our personal and professional interactions, and it gives us the resiliency to face the hardships of life.

Keep in mind that everyone’s journey toward self-care is unique. It is crucial to pay attention to our bodies, respect our needs, and include self-care in every aspect of our daily lives. Self-care is a potent tool that enables us to thrive, whether it’s through exercise, mindfulness practice, asking for support from loved ones, or engaging in hobbies that make us happy.

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