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The Navya Arya

“Clothes make a man.” Every garment you choose speaks a thousand little words about you. The Navya Arya intends to build a bridge between online shopping and offline happiness. The garments designed by The Navya Arya is customised to the needs of the customer and are handcrafted with love and care. The brand focuses on the millennials of today aged between 15 to 50 and is a fusion of Indian and western wear. All their garments are made with the best quality fabric, precise designs to cater to the style and taste of the customer and the best thing about them is a personalised measurement session over facetime or any video chat forum to make sure you slay. It was founded with a hope that customers choose what’s right for them and find themselves bonded to the clothes they wear in every way. 

Indian fashion is a mixture of various cultures and The Navya Arya brings to you culture, comfort and style in one design. Launched amidst the pandemic in October 2020, The Navya Arya has attracted many consistent customers over time. The root of the brand grew when Navya, the founder, was fascinated with fashion and clothing since her childhood. She grew up draping her mom’s dupatta and styling her mom’s old clothes for herself. When she identified her love towards style and a unique sense of fashion, she understood that many like her would want to shine among a billion others. To look different, to be identified as an individual with a profound sense of fashion has always been the primary vision behind the brand. 

In her final year of college, Navya had to juggle between both academics and in building her brand image. It was quite a challenge when in the initial stage, she received no orders for a couple of months. In the course of the pandemic she had to face certain setbacks in her new business but then the tables flipped and orders started flowing in. The Navya Arya has now launched a new western collection called, ‘The flirt collection’ which is a collection of bell bottoms, tube tops, single shoulder tops and a lot more. The fabric used is printed and comes in different shades. These clothes are classy and modern yet they can be worn to any place, be it a formal meeting, a lunch date, a club or a friend’s pool party. The whole vibe is sophisticated, chic and brings out the best in you. 

The main challenge in almost all online fashion is the right size. And Navya’s so determined in satisfying her customers. “The major challenge was that I have never seen a page that takes measurements online so I prefer taking measurements over a video call because it’s difficult to guess the exact measurements so I do it over FaceTime or I instruct them to measure themselves. People hesitate because the major thing in clothing is that they need to have a good fit and that’s a big problem for me because people tend to have trust issues over that so I make them comfortable, I suggest them to do a video call so that I can ensure they are comfortable with me and they eventually feel free to talk about it and ask me questions.” The communication between the brand and the customer is the most important objective of The Navya Arya

There has been an advent in online fashion and accessories since the pandemic. Instagram is flooded with a lot of people who started their small business and standing out among them is a huge challenge. But with affordable prices, fashionable clothes that will claim a longer time in your wardrobe and designs that will make heads turn, Navya is looking forward to launching her brand in the mainstream fashion industry. Her main goal being creating a brand that will grab the spotlight, that will make people ask questions about her. She has always liked when people complimented the way her clothes were designed and she wants her customers to have the same. The Navya Arya aims to make people express themselves better through their clothes. 

The Navya Arya’s sole objective is the customer’s happiness and satisfaction and to create handmade fashion looks that will stun the world. It’s not about the outfit, it’s about how you carry yourself when you wear it. and that’s what makes you more beautiful and elegant. The Navya Arya promises customized outfits that will suit every body type, skinny to chubby. It is important that clothes fit people and not the other way around. Navya promises her customers best services, she will always take into consideration every single detail her customer wants to be included. 

Her brand’s mission is not only to incite people to make fashionable choices but to trust her. Her customers are family and through her brand, she makes a fashion statement that is bold yet graceful.

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