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Heritage and its importance

  Celebrating our roots

The blaring sound of bells, men and women running towards their destinations, the distant sound of the laughter of a baby, cluster of boys sitting in the far corner of the street talking about football and cricket, the wafting aroma of the most delicious local eateries, tourists swarming in and out of historical monuments, capturing the beauty and innovation of the hands of the past, India never pauses for a break. The busy roads of this country which bears thousands of footsteps everyday is the same road that holds the blood and sweat of the heroes of the past, who spent their lives fighting for what we have today. Not only do we 

The word ‘Heritage’ is multifaceted and means different things to different people. We live in a country that is as diverse as it can be in its cultural and historical significance. India’s a naturally vibrant country where millions of people witness the beauty of its rich heritage every day. When you tilt the spotlight to the context of India and its cultural heritage, it plays a huge role in regulating the society. Of course, India is a secular country, we respect and accept the culture and traditions of those around us. This acceptance towards the belief system and practices of other people is one of the most appreciated attributes when it comes to India. 

People around the world wonder how it is possible for the people of India to connect with others when there are so many differences. Contrary to popular beliefs, we embrace our differences. A society is supposed to be something in which people conduct themselves in such a way that they contribute to the greater happiness of others. In a way, we could also say that people share their own cultural heritage that caters to the entire heritage of the country. 

Every individual who belongs to this country has a right over its heritage. The architectural, cultural and ancestral richness of any country makes a big difference in not only the economy of the country but also the aesthetic beauty of the space itself and the way people lead their lives. As a society or a community they express a form of harmony.

Isn’t that the most important aspect for a group of people to lead a normal and peaceful life? Only when the overall happiness of a society is promised can there be solitary happiness. An individual’s sense of belonging to a space or the freedom of claiming a space to be theirs greatly depends on whether the space is inclusive of themselves and their contribution. 

So what really does the term ‘Heritage’ do to a society? The heritage itself is what forms the society. It unintentionally becomes the binding agent that brings together different people of different traditions together. It also brings people from other parts of the world to witness this alluring communion. Every nook and corner of this world has a meaning, holds life. Though it might sound cliche, it is true in every way. The only way to understand this is to indulge in it and experience it. Heritage not only brings people together but also brings love, fellowship and beauty. 

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